Friday, December 23, 2011

Speech dun Lebanese Christian

I, Charles Yacoub, am part of the 20 million refugees of 21 Arab countries. As my Jewish brothers, the Christian people have been expelled or forced to leave their native countries. We, who were uprooted from the Middle East. Our homes, our hospitals, our schools, our churches and churches and synagogues have all been burned or destroyed. This cultural heritage dating back to 3000 years siècles has been ignored by the United Nations. We have not been entitled to the annual budget over $ 400 million paid for 60 years to Palestinian terrorist movements. Have you wondered why we have not been entitled to this great generosity? Because we do not have the habit to jump into the crowd among civilians. No country in the world would tolerate the rockets and missiles sent by the thousands by the terrorists of Hamas on Israeli civilians with the sole purpose of killing them.

Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, you forgot history of your ancestors, the Ottomans, who dominated the Middle East by fire and iron during five centuries. Here are a few black memories of our history:

On April 24, 1915 in Istanbul, capital of the Eempire Ottoman, 600 Armenian Christians were beheaded on the order of your Government. CSTA early genocide, the first of the 20th century. It will be 1.2 million victims among the Armenian civilian population of Turkish Empire. The same year, more than one and a half million Kurds will be massacred in turn. Two genocides the Turkey still refuses to recognize to date despite history. 1916... Jamal Bacha, nicknamed the "Turkish Boucher", imposed on the Lebanese people food, sea and land blockade result the famine than the Lebanese people never have known during these 5000 years centuries... Result 150,000 dead!

Mr. Erdogan, do you remember the largest Christian basilica in the Middle East, Hajia Sofia, built in the 5th century and located in Istanbul not far from the Turkish Parliament, which has been looted and desecrated, it has become, the mosque HAJIA SOFIA. Finally, Mr. Erdogan, in the next flotilla that you send to Israel to help Gaza, you should bring all the Palestinian Hamas terrorists on board without forgetting to make a stop at the Lebanon to complement your humanitarian project and at the same time embark on Hezbollah terrorists and then for one-way to Turkey... The area is 40 times greater than that Israel ... Why you wake your torpor? Is this a sign of the eventual war against the State Israel?

Mr. Prime Minister Netanyahu, we the Christian refugees and Jews of the Middle East support your democratic Government and your courageous army to resolve the problems of the oppressed of the oppressed in the Middle East. The Lebanese people have been taken hostage by Hezbollah, the people of Palestinian in Gaza by Hamas, the Syrian people by the regime of terror of Assad, and without forgetting Iran nuclear. Our dream is to live in peace in the Middle East with a non-fanatical Islam and advance with your great Israeli nation. That God come to your assistance and be sure that we will be at your side until the end of time. This time, we want the victory, somewhat CSTA quite...

Charles Yacoub, leader of the Front for the liberation of Lebanese Christians, Montreal, Canada.

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