Saturday, March 24, 2012

EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton: Enabler of Antisemitism and Radical Islam

Andrew L. Jaffee,

Question: What enabled the slaughter of Jewish children and soldiers in the French city of Toulouse by a Muslim steeped in radical, victim-centric, warped Islamist ideology? Answer: People like EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, an apologist for terrorist hate. She is the epitome of ignorant, bigoted, cowardly, politically correct, morally relativistic trash allowed by decadent, fearful Westerners to run amok at the top of their societies. This combination of a disconnected public and crazy political elite creates an atmosphere where lying bullies — Islamo-fascist-leftists — trample Western values, commit horrendous acts of ultra-violence, and shut down free speech. Meanwhile, people of conscience have to fight to even be heard, and sometimes fear for and lose their lives. This is the upside-down, Animal Farm-like world to which Westerners are acclimating. How could the depraved Ashton become EU Foreign Policy Chief? Just read about her — she’s lost her mind: The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, made a skewed comparison on Monday between the lethal, unprovoked shooting attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse, in which three children and a teacher were murdered at point blank range, and the unintended deaths of children in Gaza when Israel attempts to stop missile launchings and apprehend terrorists.

“When we think about what happened today in Toulouse, we also remember what happened in Norway last year, and what is happening now in Syria and Gaza, and other areas of the world,” the Ma’ariv newspaper quoted Ashton as having said.

“We see before our eyes all the children who lost their lives,” Ashton added, during a meeting with Palestinian Authority Arab youth in Brussels.

“I want to pay tribute today to all those young people,” she added, noting especially the PA children who, according to Ashton, “against all odds, continue to study, work, dream and aspire for a better future.”

Ashton did not distinguish between a deliberate terror attack against Jewish children and those children in Gaza who are accidentally killed in IAF air strikes, due to the fact that Gaza terrorists deliberately fire rockets at Israeli children from populated areas and use civilians as human shields — and despite the fact that the IDF makes herculean efforts to pinpoint terrorist targets as no other army in the world does.

She also did not mention the hundreds of thousands of Israeli children who have to spend much of their lives hiding in shelters from Gaza missiles and who try to continue to study, work, dream and aspire for a better future against all odds. It is the Israeli government’s investment in the Iron Dome and shelters, inadequate as they may be, and the children’s obedience to civil defense rules, that has so far kept the fatalities down. …

What the hell do Jewish children getting gunned down in Toulouse have to do with Israeli defensive military operations? Must Ashton include the Palestinian jab because all her cohorts in high places find anti-Israeli discussions fashionable at their cocktail parties? Is she doing preemptive groveling because she’s afraid of getting purged as an infidel when the Islamists do take over Europe? Is this a sense of twisted “quid pro quo,” whereby anything bad Arabs/Muslims do must be somehow the result of Israeli actions? Does Ashton really believe her own B.S.? (Doubtful, as her ilk is agenda-driven.) Here’s a sound attempt to explain Ashton’s “thinking,” from Barry Rubin:

… What is needed is not more hypocrisy or professions of innocence or expensive conferences where long speeches are made about the evils of antisemitism by those who do nothing but get free plane tickets and nice hotel rooms. The real solution is a real change in the behavior of the mass media that pours out lies, the academics who slander and distort, and the governments that refuse to stand by a democratic country [Israel] and people beset by terrorism and the world’s oldest hatred.

Oh, and one more thing is needed: the admission that the greatest threat of hatred, “racism,” dehumanization of the “other,” and threat of persecution today — as the statistics for Europe and North America show — is not “Islamophobia” but antisemitism.

And none of those things are going to happen because the liars, haters, apologists, and enablers will not acknowledge their own behavior while those who are supposed to supervise them will not act. Hating and lying about Israel and the Jewish people is too useful politically and too entwined with the version of left-wing ideology, not to mention Islamism and the dominant interpretation of Islam, currently so powerful in the world.

It would be an exaggeration to say that Europe is no longer a safe place for Jews to live. Yet it is accurate to say that it is becoming an unsafe place for Jews to live, and certainly for those who wish to express mainstream Jewish views and to practice their religion openly. Meanwhile, the EU and various governments dare not admit that the principal cause of antisemitic activity is radical Islam, and the principal inspiration for popular antisemitism is trendy leftist ideas that now dominate much of that continent and are spreading in North America.

Thus, Jewish children are deliberately murdered by a terrorist in the midst of France. In response, come get the formal statements and the crocodile tears. Yet at the exact same time as the bullets are entering the children’s bodies, as the victims fall to the ground, as the ambulance sirens sound, the incitement and the lies and the slanders continue, laying the groundwork for more hatred and more murder.
Thanks Ted Belman

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