Sunday, March 25, 2012

Salafi Scholars Shura Council support presidential hopeful Abou Ismail

The Salafi Scholars Shura Council endorses Hazem Salah Abou Ismail for the presidency after four hour meeting
MENA, Saturday 24 Mar 2012

The Salafi Scholars Shura Council announced Saturday endorsing presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abou Ismail.

The decision was made by the council after a four hour meeting headed by Abdullah Shaker and his deputy Mohamed Hassan, a renowned Salafist cleric. Prominent sheikhs such as Mohamed Hussein Yakoob, Mostafa El-Adawy and Waheed Baly are also members of the council.

El-Adawy said after the meeting, "The council decided to support Abou Ismail because he is the most suitable and competent for the job."

Presidential hopeful Abou Ismail, who is considered to be among the frontrunners for Egypt's presidency, is expected to gain more popularity after being backed by the Salafi Scholars Shura Council.

Apart from Abou Ismail, Abdel Monem Aboul Fotoh and Mohamed Selim El-Awa are the other two prominent contenders from the Islamist current.

Comment: So much for the Arab Spring. We, along with many others predicted this-Obama was incorrect and wrong in his analysis. The USA foreign policies have put the Middle East aflame. we in Israel are the first to suffer the consequences. The short term implications are horrendous for us. So, America, what will you do now for your "closest ally in the ME"?

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