Saturday, March 24, 2012

Israel, Shrinkage Is No More An Option

Nurit Greenger

From the day Israel had set at the negotiation table with Yasser Arafat's terrorists team, the Jewish state has talked about giving the Arab-Palestinians space, on her land, for their own state, meaning voluntarily, Israel agreed to shrink the sizes of her own land.

In the Six Day War Israel has achieved the ultimate goal, which she undermined with the Oslo Accords; Israel had returned into her possession land that legally belongs to her, which was conquered and illegally occupied, by Jordan, for nineteen years, and in one smack, with the Oslo Accords, she offered to give away, that very same land, to the very same people who first took it away from her, is an aggressive war and with only one goal in their mind, which was to destroy her. Since Israel's Independence War, then the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War, nothing has changed in the Arabs' mindset; they wanted and still want to destroy Israel in any way possible. With Israel's full assistance of the Oslo Accords' misguided politics, by Israel being pigheaded to reverse the Oslo, by annexing Judea and Samaria, and with Israel's putrid public diplomacy, the Arabs have turned their loss in the Six Day War into a successful enterprise of media, economic, political, intellect, diplomatic, military and stealth jihad against Israel.

What has changed is Israel. Where, in 1967 and 1973 she was determined, that determination has been lost, sunk deeply in the Oslo mindset of the Government of Israel.

If Israel is to shrink, by allowing the Arabs to have a state, living side-by-side, at an ongoing war with Israel, as they live now, Israel will find herself in a much more dangerous position than ever before. Because Israel will have a second Gaza, with longer border along hers, firing rockets at Tel-Aviv malls and beaches and at Ben-Gurion airport's landing and taking off airlines planes.

From her inception, Israel has always existed under dangerous circumstances, because the armistice lines, within which Israel existed, invited her enemies to start aggressive wars against her; her aggressive and hateful enemies, the Arab neighboring states, wish, past and present, for her not to be.

A war must be fought to win; Israel knew this but now she acts as if this rule of engagement in a war has been somewhat forgotten. Israel's enemies know this rule all too well. After all, they are working hard to be able to have victory that will bring about the end of Israel.

Israel never wanted wars but she was forced into fighting them. Everyone knows that Israel seeks peace and she has proved this desire tenfold. By now, everyone, with open eyes and conscious, know that Israel's enemies do not wish to live in peace, side by side with her. But this fact has been deliberately ignored, with great peril to the Jewish state, since 1993 Oslo, by all of the government of Israel and many who support the death to Israel two state [dis]solution.

Israel has never called for the destruction of her enemies, they do, all the time. Israel has been defending herself from the Arabs' attacks, that have taken place from one hudna to another, for 64 long and bloody years. (Hudna an Arabic term that means a temporary truce, or armistice as well as calm, quiet period from war and aggression. The hudna period gives the enemy time to regroup, rearm and then launch the next attack.)

It is no fun to have rockets launched at you each day, as over one million Israelis, in south Israel, have been experiencing, since 2005, when the Ariel Sharon's government, voluntarily, evacuated, by unfathomable force, 10,000 Jews, who lived, enormously productively, in Jewish hometowns they have built, with the full encouragement and support of their government, in the Gaza Strip.

It is no fun to see your citizens butchered on their homeland, just because they are Jews. It is no fun to have terror afflicted on your citizenry in their homes – the Fogel Family, in their cars- Asher Palmer and his son, in restaurants, on buses, in wedding halls, markets, performance auditoriums, shopping centers and universities. No country wants it; and that is the Arabs' goal! To demoralize and weaken Israel. Moslem-Arabs do not have much value to life, especially not Jewish life, or any life, and not surprising, not even their own. If they did, they would have lived, in peace and prosperity with the Jewish state, Israel long, long ago.

Sadly, Israel and Jews' existence, anywhere in the world, angers way too many. Whether it angers Arabs living as Israeli citizens, i.e. the Nakba Day in which they participate each year and violently express their dismay, (Nakba Day, means the day of the catastrophe; the catastrophe that the state of Israel was established in 1948), or the nations, members of Arab Leagues, who launched war after war against Israel, or Mohamed Merah, in France, and his like, who go murder Jews, and those who boycott Israel, or those who talk ill about her and Jews, and this putrid list never ends. Being anti-Jews-anti-Semite-anti Israel is a disease that has no cure, never had a cure and who knows if a cure will ever be found for this genetic disease that is so deeply embedded in the blood of so many.

The Arabs see blood when they hear the words "sovereign Jewish State," "Jews," "Israel," Zionism" and the like, words that are all connected to the Jewish People and their Homeland, the Nation State of the Jewish people, Israel.

Bottom line: the time is now for the entire Jewish Nation to stand strong with the only homeland the Jewish Nation has, Israel, and end all second-guessing her every move.

The hottest topic of discussions these days is the eradication of the two-state solution Oslo mentality, exchanging it with the one state solution, the democratic Jewish state of Israel, spread from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea; the purging of the shrinkage of Israel mentality, replacing it with annexation of Judea and Samaria, thus making Israel a safe and secure and a whole, on all the land west of the Jordan River.

Supporting a two state solution is siding with Israel's enemy.

The time is now for every leader of every Jewish organization and community, including those who think of themselves to be opinion shapers and all people who support Israel, by word and deed, to end fighting on the Jewish State enemy’s lines and stand where they owe to be—on the State of Israel’s side.

I tell my fellow Jews who have been enabling Israel's enemies, Enough is Enough of your regrettable behavior.

We need to undo Israel's gaffes: one, her ongoing ignoring all her legal rights to the land that permitted her to annex Judea and Samaria immediately after the Six Day War, just as it annexed the old city of Jerusalem; second, her misguided policy of the Oslo Accords, that Israel, voluntarily, concocted, and third, that the annexation of Judea and Samaria has not yet taken place, as it should have been done already.

The shrinkage of Israel mentality and pursuing it in action, as Israel has already done, must end, now. If the government of Israel cannot take the actions it needs to take, which is annexing all of Judea and Samaria right here, tight now, we, the people, will force them to do so. This is what a real democracy is all about, for the people, by the people!

The shrinkage of Israel mentality and pursuing it in action, as Israel has been doing for so long, must end, now. If the government of Israel cannot take the actions it needs to take upon herself, which is, annexing all of Judea and Samaria right here, right now, we, the people, will force them to do so. This is what real democracy is all about, for the people, by the people!

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