Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Educating the public continues: It is Ideology,not Disenfranchised Individuals We had better learn this quickly, we had better have the courage to act upon the facts before it is too late

Please read the following report first appearing on Debka.com

UK medical terror plot investigation extends to Australia. The eighth person arrested in the Glasgow-London terrorist episode is a 27-year old Indian hospital doctor detained in Brisbane.

He worked as a registrar at Gold Coast Hospital in Southport, eastern Queensland. Haneef was picked up at Brisbane airport for questioning by the Australian police on information from the UK. He had a one-way ticket to India or Pakistan. Australian police are questioning a second doctor.

Both were recruited in Liverpool, England, where one of the eight suspects was earlier detained. Six doctors or medical personnel are in custody in connection with the plot.

Two of the foreign doctors in custody in the UK were identified as Dr. Bilal Abdullah from Iraq and Jordanian-Palestinian Dr. Mohammed Asha. The first five people arrested are of Middle East origin. Two additional suspects detained Monday are also foreigners.

Dr Abdullah and another suspect were employed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, near Glasgow. The second man in the flaming jeep which crashed into the airport terminal is in the hospital in critical condition under armed guard. Three controlled explosions in connection with the Glasgow airport attack were carried out on suspect cars - two in the hospital parking lot, a third outside a Glasgow mosque. None contained explosives.

Dr. Asha, who is employed at the N. Staffordshire University hospital’s neurology dept, was arrested with his wife driving on the MI6 highway.
He qualified as a doctor in Jordan in 2004 and worked at the hospital from Oct. 2005.
Britain remains on the highest security level of “critical” after two terrorists smashed a blazing jeep into the Scottish arrivals terminal Saturday, the day after two bomb cars were disabled in central London. This level indicates further attacks are expected.

In his first response, the new British prime minister Gordon Brown accused “people associated with al Qaeda” of the three attacks. Scotland Yard says they were “totally coordinated.” DEBKAfile cites international counter-terror experts as noting that none of them caused loss of life, only major disruptions and confusion. Neither were explosives found in the purported bomb cars, only combustible materials. (Read earlier DEBKAfile Special Analysis below.) All this, together with the emerging medical conspiracy, is far from typical of al Qaeda and raises many questions. Some sources suspect the two failed bombings were a diversion from a broader terrorist campaign organized by al Qaeda in the UK or other countries.

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