Friday, July 13, 2007

Subject: West-Total war, total victory vs. "Surge till Iraqis merge"
Andrew Bostom

We may be stuck in an intellectual tidal cycle - tide in (surge), tide out (withdraw) - but there's a big wide ocean of answers out there. First, we need to ask new questions. For example: When will it become clear that even if everything goes as planned in Iraq (or doesn't), the United States will only have succeeded in securing a Hezbollah-supporting, Shi'ite-majority state that is a natural ally of Iran? And how great is that for America's national security?

At this point, my conservative friends will remind me that we must destroy al Qaeda in Iraq. And I couldn't agree more. So let's destroy al Qaeda in Iraq - a neat name for an amorphous network - and any other threats including Iranian-supported Iraqi Shi'ite forces. Sharon Behn of The Washington Times recently asked Command Sgt. Maj. Jeff Mellinger why the world's most powerful army hadn't yet accomplished this mission. He replied:

"We could absolutely crush every one of them, but would you be happy with what is left?"

Presumably, our military could destroy Iraqi terror-towns and strongholds with a well-guided aerial bombing campaign, and thus go a long way toward bringing this whole war to an end; instead, we opt to send our young men to fight precisely as the terrorist wants them to fight - in booby-trapped towns, among duplicitous peoples. Lately, we even argue that these same soldiers should stay in those towns among those peoples to prevent the "bloodletting" to follow an American exit. But for how long? One year? Ten years? Until Iraqis learn to sing "Kumbaya?"

Article published Jul 13, 2007
Total war, total victory

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