Monday, July 30, 2007

The Real Roots of Palestinian Terror
By P. David
July 30, 2007

Some thought the spectacle of horrific Palestinian internecine violence in Gaza would lead the world to cool off toward the Palestinians for a while. In fact, the opposite has happened. Recent days particularly have seen intensified diplomatic and other activity in the Palestinian sphere.

Tony Blair, in his new role as the Quartet’s envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian front, was in Israel and the Palestinian Authority last week to prepare for his task of “institution building” in Palestinian society. The Egyptian and Jordanian foreign ministers were also in town, ostensibly as emissaries of the Arab League at the same time that Saudi Arabia renounced its “peace initiative.” Condoleezza Rice is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and George Bush has proclaimed renewed optimism and called for a conference this fall between Israel, the Palestinians, and various parties...

An article recently posted online summarizes evidence that the Palestinians’ problem runs much deeper than these levels and that its persistence is not so mysterious for those willing to look a bit further than the surface.

The physician and researcher Daphne Burdman, writing in the Jewish Political Studies Review, says the Palestinians’ ongoing aggression toward Israel and Jews results from Koranic and Hadith teachings, the PA’s own brand of systematic indoctrination and incitement, and “psychological processes arising from Arab childrearing practices.” The first two factors are more familiar than the third, which requires much more attention from people concerned about this conflict...

As Burdman puts it, “only fundamental changes in education and childrearing will change the predisposition of such a national culture.”

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