Monday, July 30, 2007

Three Part Series on the Saudi "Peace Initiative"

Part One

The Saudi “Peace Initiative” – The Next Strategic Failure
Arieh Stav

“Poor Menachem [Begin], he has his problems... After all, I got back...the Sinai and the Alma oil fields, and what has Menachem got? A piece of paper.”
Anwar Sadat, in an interview in The New York Times, October 19, 1980

So said the Egyptian ruler with blatant sarcasm and contempt for the foolishness of “poor Menachem”. Sadat, Hitler’s unconcealed admirer and among the most vitriolic anti-Semites in the Arab world at the time, utilized his insightfulness to understand the Jewish inferiority complex. He knew that it was enough to chirp the word “peace” even in the context of a political fraud from start to finish, to cause a sense of gratitude towards any enemy and adversary to resonate in the heart of the “proud, cruel and generous race” (to quote the old Betar hymn). In granting Sinai as a prize to the aggressor, to one who swore openly and declaratively that he intends to destroy the Jewish state and to one who repeatedly announced that the agreement with Israel is nothing more than a barefaced deception, not only did Israel perpetrate an act unprecedented in the history of international relations but the State of Israel, by its own action, also undermined the moral rationale for its very existence.

The fundamental legal rule that the principle of natural justice establishes that Ex injuria non oriturno benefit can be derived from an illegal act – was manifestly violated and that has served and continues to serve as the basis for the Arab demands ever since. It was the Madrid Agreements, which emerged from the womb of Camp David, in which Israel first recognized a terrorist organization avowed to destroy the Jewish state, as a legitimate party to negotiations. It was in Madrid that the Orwellian characterization “land for peace” was adopted and Binyamin Netanyahu was prepared to transfer the Golan Heights to Damascus. Madrid paved the way to Oslo and from there to Washington, where, on the White House lawn, the Prime Minister of Israel shook the blood-soaked hand of the most prolific murderer of Jews since Hitler, and thereby granted legitimacy to an organization of murderers, in whose initials, charter and all its symbols there is a clear and open declaration that the one and only purpose of the organization’s existence is to bring about Israel’s destruction. It was the Israeli Government that brought the PLO marauders to Israel from Tunisia, prepared training areas for it, granted it sovereignty over territories and provided the PLO with weapons to kill its own citizens. And indeed, 1,700 Israeli citizens paid with their lives on the altar of the lethal crossbreeding of Arab blood thirst on the one hand and the Jewish inferiority complex on the other.

If until now the Israeli death wish stemmed from the depths of the ancient Jewish pathology of a persecuted tribe in the sense of “in every generation they rise up to destroy us” (from the Hagaddah), at this point that has been joined by avarice, tragic testament to the veracity of the anti-Semites of days past. The Prime Minister, a general decorated with the aura of bravery, who was the symbol of the new Jew who dealt the enemy a double dose of retribution, sought to cover the shame of his corruption, his and his son’s. Since a donkey knows the feeding trough of its master, the head of the mafia from Sycamore Farm knew how to cover up the despicable acts with the help of the media and the legislative branch. Therefore he committed an act unprecedented in the annals of this or any other nation and perpetrated ethnic cleansing of the Jews from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, an act apparently comparable to the actions of Titus in Judea, though, in fairness to the Roman emperor it ought be said that he did not do what he did for money and the destruction of the Temple was not carried out against his own nation. Sharon skillfully read the political map, the fatigue that spread among the Jewish public and especially the connection between capital and government. The praise and glorification that he received in the media – with the generous assistance of the Attorney General – covered up the despicable acts perpetrated by the person on his death bed. The Gaza Strip, now completely Judenrein, in record time became the largest terrorist base in the world. The amounts of weaponry that Egypt openly and overtly transfers to “its” terrorist organizations (namely, Fatah) (“weapons smuggling” in the Israeli language of euphemisms) has increased tenfold. Hamas, an organization of murderers underwritten by Saudi Arabia, gained control of the government, firing of rockets at the southern cities (Sderot, etc.) has become a daily routine and from the north, the “Sword of Damascus” was unleashed under the transparent cover of Hizbullah and the Second Lebanon War.

At this point, the Saudi peace initiative moved into high gear. Among the central factors that raised the forgotten initiative from the 1996 Arab summit in Cairo, it is possible to list several; however there are three that are the most essential among them and together form a comprehensive picture of strategic deterioration: A. The Israeli capitulation to terrorist organizations in Gaza and northern Samaria; B. The defeat in the Second Lebanon War; C. The American entanglement in Iraq and the payment in Israeli currency.
A. Any withdrawal from territory for any purpose other than repositioning for the purpose of launching an offensive is a defeat.

Although the flight from Gaza and northern Samaria, while bringing destruction upon the Jewish settlement in those territories and transforming them into terrorist bases was referred to in the Orwellian language of the media and the political echelon as “liberation of the Palestinians from the yoke of occupation”, Israeli Newspeak long ago engineered a system of indoctrination whose connection to reality, if there is such a connection, is strictly coincidental. Thus, as the Arabs accurately characterized it as they were setting fire to the synagogues (for the first time in history since Kristallnacht), it was a clear victory for Arab terrorism, or in its broader context, for the Arab war against Israel. The Zionists fled, expelled their own people and thereby carried out another stage in the well-known “phased program”. Decisive evidence of this is the Hamas ascension to power in Gaza, as the Israeli defeat also exposed, in the case of the Moslems, the moral defeat in the Islamic war against Judaism and Christianity. Israel is the forward outpost of Western civilization in the heart of the Moslem expanse. Expulsion of the Jews from their homes and the setting of the synagogues on fire is the same apocalyptic picture feeding Moslem hatred. Furthermore, the Hamas rise to power is a categorical proof that Israel’s destruction can be achieved not only through strategic deception as in the Oslo accords, but with force, while openly calling for the final solution.

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