Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Cell-Phones Bought En-Mass in Texas
America's Truth Forum

8 Middle Eastern people, both male and female, set about purchasing "pay as you go" cell phones en-mass, continuously throughout the day on Monday of this week. The same thing occurred again on Tuesday. An employee checked the sales on the item and it showed that just for Sunday through Tuesday they had purchased approximately 1170 cell phones in the amount of about $22,000. The Middle Easterners acted nervous when they made their purchases and never left the store moving straight for the exit, instead zig zagging their way out. They used shopping cards that had $300 on each and used tax-free cards. The 2 tax-free cards were under the business names of "Saat International" in Richardson Texas and "Wireless Supply" in Carrolton, Texas. Several of the employees noticed and wanted to call the police but the store manager got upset saying he wanted the sales for the store and that they "were not doing anything wrong." He did limit each person in the group to purchasing 2 phones at a time. In response to this limitation the Middle Easterners would buy 2 phones take them out to their car and come back to purchase more. They were driving a Ford Windstar LX, dark blue in color with Texas license plates. Although the FBI was contacted and a report was made, they indicated that although the activity was suspicious it was not an "illegal activity. The employees who rightly took action indicated that they wanted to remain anonymous for fear of being fired.

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