Sunday, February 20, 2011

Christian Community-You have been targeted

GS Don Morris, Ph.D.

A well organized and significantly funded disinformation and intentional misrepresentation campaign has identified the American and Canadian Christian communities for intrusion. The campaign is in full swing now and will be amped up during the coming months and years. The message is quite simple: delegitimize Israel by means of revisionist history, lies and out right fabrication of facts. The purpose is to continue the isolation of Israel among the international community. The end game is the elimination of Israel.
As a resident of Israel and pro-Israel supporter I am no longer willing to sugar coat the events and circumstances that have become the Arab-Israeli narrative. I choose to write and speak to you as adults. My intention is to alert you to the truth and I have faith in you to determine for yourselves the requisite actions in which you will engage. Unlike our enemies I will not misrepresent the facts nor share revisionist history talking points for purposes of indoctrination.

Let us begin by acknowledging our shared values: Judeo-Christian beliefs and actions. Peoples in Israel and America created two nations grounded in these values. Legal systems, social behavior practices and ethical practices have been fomented in these shared values. We are intrinsically linked yet have unique differences that enrich both our countries. These values have generated principles of behavior specific to each of our social-political standings in the world community of nations. Since 1948 we have established any number of personal, social, economic, research, educational and military relationships that serve our populations and in turn have produced programs, products, medicines and technology that serve to improve the quality of life for all human beings-including our shared enemies.

I wish human behavior was not comprised of the ugly sides of being human and wishing is for wells. The stark and adult reality is that groups of people want to do harm to other groups and will use any means to do so. It is true that groups will stop at nothing to impose their will upon others. They will lie, infiltrate, confuse, threaten, indoctrinate, coerce, and use the values the West holds as their guiding principles against you and I. Yes, they believe any means justifies their ends.

Strategies and commensurate tactics have been developed to foster and promote such behavior for the purpose of supplanting their values with those we cherish so dearly. There are many ways to take down a nation and if you lack the power of force than the use of stealth infiltration and strategies that are “humanistic” by way of camouflage are employed.

Christian Communities you have been targeted and our common enemy will use your own value system against you in order to denigrate your faithful and long term support for your value partner in life-Israel. The tactics are well known, we have shared them with you and our common enemy is counting on two things in order for their message to be heard. First, they believe you are ignorant of the truth and second they understand how your belief system is built upon Judeo-Christian values and use your kind and caring concerns for humanity against you. Both of these beliefs are despicable. To be target for such abuse and yes it is information abuse when you are lied to on a daily basis.

I shall present only two of hundreds of examples demonstrating how you are being taking advantage of in this war of concepts. Organizers of dis-information are literally streaming into churches across North America. One of their primary messages is how Israel is an apartheid state and is really anti-Christian.

Bethleham, birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth, in 1947 had a Christian population that comprised 75% of its citizens. Today, that population has declined to 20-22% of the population. The city is in walking distance of Jerusalem, about 3-4 USA miles away. Jordan illegally annexed the city in late 1948 and was under its control until 1967. In 1995 Bethleham has been governed by the Palestinian National Authority. Their narrative that “explains” the dramatic decrease in Christian population is emigration of Christians and birth rate advantage to the ruling Islamic populace. This sounds “innocent” does it not? Conveniently our enemy has lied to you about the nature of the Christian emigration. Facts: Christians have been “driven out” by way of force, injury, assault, coercion, and blatant mismanagement. Do you remember how Islamists nearly destroyed the Church of the Nativity a few years ago? Do you know how many Christians have been assaulted and raped in the last 15 years by our enemy? I challenge you to learn the truth. Now, who is practicing apartheid?

Coptic Christians in Egypt have been under assault for many, many years in Egypt. Around 95% of Egyptian Christians belong to the Coptic Church of Alexandria and the Christian population comprises between 10-15% of Egypt’s total population. Yes there are other denominations of Christians also in Egypt. Yet they are constantly under attack. Just last month a news reported the following:

“Egyptian Muslims regularly attack the minority Coptic Christians. The government does nothing to protect its Christians.
“There were bodies on the street,” said Sherif Ibrahim to a New York Times reporter. “Hands, legs, stomachs. Girls, women, and men.”
That was the scene outside the Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt, as the New Year’s Mass ended on January 1, 2011. Twenty-one Christian Copts were killed by a suicide bomber--and at least 96 were wounded.”
Go to:

This is not a report on the declining Coptic population nor is it meant to report all of the data. Begin your own investigation-it is all there thanks to the internet.

I use these two situations to suggest to you that you are being mislead in lectures and presentations in your Churches. Our enemy expects you to be ignorant of the facts and then uses your deep sense of compassion to suggest that it is the Israelis who are the dastardly evil ones and they make the quantum leap to lie how the Arab tribes in Judea and Samaria are treated so poorly by the “occupiers’; oh, yes this is yet another intentional misrepresentation of fact.

With carefully scripted lectures, “word-smithed” interviews and carefully staged photos and videos you are presented with a view of events, situations and circumstances that do not even pass the rigor of a good 6th grade science project in the states. They play on your passion and compassion and you have become a useful tool in their determination to eliminate Israel and much worse. Do not believe me, yet how can anyone forget the staged videos of “corpses” falling off a gurney only to rise from the dead and hop back on in order to suggest that death and destruction had been imposed upon them. Who can forget the videos of our enemies using Red Cross Ambulances to transport weapons, munitions and terrorists? Who does not remember the videos and the photos of “dead civilians” rising too early before the camera was turned off?

Now tell me, who is really trying to fool whom? They are coming soon to one of your churches-what will you do?

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Chanah Shapira-Stillman said...

You raise a lot of key points. I would add that NGOs, particularly Christian Aid act as fronts for a number of Palestian groups. While researching attitudes of several churches in the UK I found that CofE, Church of Scotland, URC and the Methodists all followed the Christian Aid party line on the level of charity and active support. The most egregious group was the Methodists, who openly attack the Christian Zionist Movement, and adopt the Kairos Document which is rabidly anti-Israel. All these groups have some link to Sabeel, which basically runs the "Jesus was a Palestinian" line, and would like to see the Old Testament chucked off the shelf.

A good source of information is NGO Monitor.