Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: "Activists" stealing water from Jewish farm

Elder of Ziyon

Earlier this month, several "peace activists" attempted to pump all of the water out of a well in a Jewish-owned farm in Sussiya. When the manager of the farm, Avidan Ofir, arrived to stop them, one of the women tried to wrestle him, grabbed his hair, ripped his shirt and chased him around. He remained steadfast and almost superhumanly calm as he worked to keep his water from being stolen.

This sort of harassment happens all the time.

Click here to view the video

Comment: Not only does this occur on a regular basis, it is done by outside "activists". Time to call them for what they are. These people do not want peace, they come for purposes of disruption. They spend their time, money, energy doing destruction rather than engaging in construction of peace. They are part of the problem and not part of the solution.I will no longer identify them as "peace activists"-they are hatred promoters and have their egos so vested in doing behavior contrary to how one historically makes peace I find them anti-peaceniks. BTW the "lady" in this clip should be ashamed, this is the type of person had the same behavior been applied to her she would be crying "bloody murder", she would express outrage and of course try to take legal action. she is such a hypocrit and one totally lacking in integrity.

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