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Terror Attacks Near the Gaza Strip Security Fence, 2009-2010

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The following graphs illustrate the number and type of some of the terror activity occurring near the Gaza Strip security fence by month, for the years 2009 and 2010.
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Between 2009 to 2010, the number of terror attacks near the Gaza security fence has dropped by approximately 27%. The Gaza Strip security fence has been a source and site for various terror attacks launched by the Hamas terror organization as well as other smaller militant groups. The IDF holds Hamas as responsible for all terror attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip.

The attacks target both IDF soldiers (planting explosive devices, anti-tank missiles, shooting towards IDF forces) and civilians residing inside Israeli territory (firing rockets and missiles).

Examples of terror activities near the security fence:

* 13.04.09 – In the morning hours, an unmanned fishing boat exploded near an IDF Navy boat which was engaged in routine activity in the area. No casualties or damage were caused.
* 08.06.09 – IDF forces thwarted an attempted attack under the cover of fog. Ten terrorists riding horses and booby-trapped trucks approached the fence. IDF forces spotted the group and commenced to fire at them. A later scan of the area revealed approximately 40 planted land mines and IEDs.
* 01.02.10 – Civilians at the beach of Ashkelon recognized a suspicious object which was later determined to be an explosive device. At the same day, barrels loaded with explosives were found at the Ashdod beach. The barrels were detonated in a controlled manner.
* 25.05.10 – A farming cart loaded with explosives was sent towards Israeli territory by a Palestinian child wearing civilian clothes. The cart exploded near the fence in the northern Gaza Strip.
* 28.06.10 – During a seemingly non-violent civilian protest, an explosive device was planted near the security fence by two of the protesters.
* 19.01.11 – Shots were fired at an IDF force from a farmer’s cart near the security fence. No casualties or damage were caused.

In March 2010, one IDF soldier and one IDF officer were killed in an exchange of fire with terrorists placing explosives along the Southern Gaza Strip security fence.

The most recent attempt to plant an IED was detonated at IDF soldiers and was followed by the firing of a mortar shell at the force, resulting in no injuries. Two mortar shells were additionally fired at Israeli territory. The IDF force returned fire, resulting in a direct hit.

For a detailed breakdown of rockets and mortars which have landed into Israel, please see our Rocket Attacks page under ‘Facts and Figures’.

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