Friday, July 22, 2011

Christians For Israel

Nurit Greenger

There is a new phenomenon in our world, Christians are rising to defend Israel. For centuries Christians and Moslems persecuted, hounded and killed Jews thus, many Jews are leery of this phenomenon.

Several years ago I attended a small gathering event in which Pastor John Hagee was the only guest speaker. I had no idea who he was so I had no pre conceived notion about who he is and what he had to say. And he said plenty, all about his path to have become a Christian-Zionist. I was "sold" on Pastor Hagee's love for the state of Israel; more so, I was moved to tears. Finally, we, Jews, are getting help, genuine help, I thought. I believe in repentance and, in my opinion, Pastor Hagee was forming and leading a Christian repentance movement to make up for the Christian's hostile past towards the Jews.
John Charles Hagee is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational charismatic megachurch with more than 19,000 active members. Pastor Hagee is married to Diana, nee Castro, and they have three children, Christina, Matthew, and Sandy.
In Cornerstone Church the name Israel is as popular as the name Jesus. The church members travel to Israel, many speak some Hebrew and they enthusiastically celebrate and honor the state of Israel, in grandiose events, in which thousands of people from all over the world, participate. These events are mesmerizing. Pastor Hagee appears to be more Zionist than many Israelis, and his parishioners account for helping Israel with millions of dollars in contributions.

Since that evening, when I first met Pastor Hagee, his organization has grown and has become a powerhouse. He now heads CUFI-Christians United For Israel. CUFI is a Christian-Zionist organization which was incorporated on February 7, 2006. In this organization millions of Christians do just that, they are united in their support for the state of Israel. More so, they are advocating for Israel in Washington DC and around the world. CUFI is also very active on campuses, fighting to correct anti-Semitism and negative actions against Israel, such as the boycott, divestment and sanction-BDS, actions used to try subverting the Jewish state.

Since its formations, each year CUFI holds an annual event in Washington DC, its popularity is growing, by leaps and bound.

Glenn Beck, the controversial media personality, has just joined CUFI. In his speech at this year's annual event of July, Mr. Beck announced: "Count me a Jew and come for me first." (
In August 24, 2011, Mr. Beck will be holding, a first time ever event in Jerusalem, which he named 'Restoring Courage'.

Many Jews and Israelis are not fully convinced that these great supporters of Israel do not have a hidden agenda. They are fully aware of the hostile and bloody history of Christians toward Jews and they are fearful. Many Jews are also aware of past Christian forceful proselytizing practices and their replacement theory and this makes them very uncomfortable, even nervous. Along this theory, many Christians believe that God replaced his Children, the Jews, with the Christians, thus, Jews are no longer His chosen and He is no longer there to protect them. Throughout history, such theory caused Christians to believe they could hound, persecute, impose conversion, practice anti-Semitism and even kill Jews.

It will take time for Pastor Hagee and Glenn Beck to prove to Israelis and Jews that theirs and their followers' hearts are in the right place and their intentions are pure. That they are simply standing for and with Israel and Jews . And for Israelis and Jews it will take the same length of time to drop all suspicions and join, in unity, the Christian people, whom Pastor Hagee and Glenn Beck represent and lead.

I call this phenomenon of Christians for Israel, an Identity Enlightenment and this Christian and Jews' unity, Humanity Enlightenment. Together, they have a civilization to protect and preserve from the dangerous encroachment of Islam. Together they have the State of Israel to protect and preserve. After all, as Pastor Hagee always tells in his speeches, we, Christians, have much to thank the Jews. As without the Jews, we would not have Jesus, who was born in the land of Israel and was a Jew, and we would not have our Christianity either. In fact, the Jews, by God's definition, have defined Christians.
In 1967, Israel gained back the entire city of Jerusalem, and since then she has allowed all religions to be freely practiced in the city. As much as Jerusalem is holy to Jews, it is also holy for Christians who believe that Jesus' resurrection took place within the city's walls.

Therefore, for either religions, Jerusalem is a religious and spiritual center. And both religions do not believe that Jerusalem should be divided under any political circumstances.

For 2000 years Jews have lived in the fringe of societies and were accustomed to be badly treated and be made the scapegoat. Finally, against all odds, and quite miraculously, the modern State of Israel was established and Jews have gained sovereignty. Jews can now defend themselves. Israel is also defined by God's covenant, His unconditional promise to His Children.

The State of Israel and the Israelis living there are protecting and keeping the Land of Israel for all Jews, and for all Christians to come and visit as many times as they possibly can. And that is exactly the point. Israelis are KEEPING THE LAND, all of the land, because it belongs to the Jews. And Christians have the same vested interest in it, as it defines Christians as well.
We must recognize that Jews and Christians have identity problems of who is a Jew and/or who is a Christian. In many respects it is increasingly getting harder to tell. But the picture is much clearer to those, like Pastor Hagee, Glenn Beck and their followers, who have a real heart for Israel and are cognizant that they are not just fashionable friends of Israel, rather they are deeply rooted in Israel's identity as the Jewish state.

Supporting Israel attracts great opposition, which comes with the territory. But each day it becomes clearer that this Christian movement in support of Israel and Israel and Israelis depend a great deal on one another.

During the absence of a Homeland, one prayer never left the lips of the Jews: “L’shana Ha'ba'ah be’Yerushalayim” Next year in Jerusalem- לשנה הבאה בירושלים. Let Jerusalem remain the Capital of the Jewish State of Israel, the Holy center of all Jews with wide open gates for all Christians to come visit and worship and enjoy the Golden City .

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