Saturday, July 23, 2011

Islamic Internet forums cheer Norway murders

Jihad Watch

Schadenfreude from the lovers of peace. "Jubel über den Angriff in islamistischen Internetforen" from Spiegel, July 22 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

In islamistischen Internetforen wurden die Nachrichten über eine Explosion im norwegischen Regierungsviertel von Anhängern al-Qaidas als "frohe Nachricht" bejubelt. "Euch bleibt nicht mehr viel Zeit, eure Soldaten aus Afghanistan abzuziehen, oder ihr werdet Blut in den Straßen sehen", schrieb ein User.Translation:

"Cheers about the attack on Islamic Internet forums"

The news of an explosion in the Norwegian government quarter was cheered as "good news" by Al-Qaida followers on Islamic Internet forums. "You don't have much more time to pull your soldiers out of Afghanistan or you'll see blood in the streets", wrote one user.

Comment: This is horrific event and this is a response of an enemy we ,in the West, are all fighting. I have friends in Norway, waiting patiently to hear that they are OK-not in any one's radar was this event. So, the Islamists have been fortified-even though this does not appear to be their work, they are learning and watching how we respond. There had best be outrage, real outrage about the actions rather than focusing the upset and anger on some unknown other group. This, by the way, is what our enemy wants us to do and will encourage the media-pay attention the next 48 hours to the nature of the stories.


Anonymous said...

This just goes to show that Christians can be as crazy as Muslims. Obvously you have to pray really hard and BELIEVE before you can do this.

"Islamic Forums" cheer this attack?

What a surprise, probably green with envy.

Fanatics are all alike. maybe the Christian and Islamic fanatics can get together and form their own group. They have far more in common then they know.


GS Don Morris, Ph.D./Chana Givon said...

This is the type of rhetoric I expected and is uncalled for-people are so quick to jump to conclusions. as far as I can tell the label of Christian assigned to this murderer is the result of a Facebook line-btw, a facebook created only a few weeks ago-hmmm. However the greater leap is to no condemn all Christians by linking them to this man-how insane is this, how useful though to "prove" an agenda. Let us restrain ourselves if possible.

Hans said...

To Poster One, did this nut case scream "praise the Lord" as he was killing this victims??