Friday, July 22, 2011

The tendency of Muslims to unite for jihad

Jihad Watch

Shiites and Sunnis in the Caucasus began to seek a common denominator. In confirmation of this is the convergence of the Islamic community in Georgia. They elected a single board of governance.

The interesting thing about this idea is that I heard about it ten years ago. An association of Islamic movements under unified rule was declared in Baku, Azerbaijan. The meeting was attended by representatives of different sects of Islam.

I was told that there were present some members of radical Shiite groups in Iran and Azerbaijan, as well as representatives of the Sunnis from Turkey and the Caucasus. There were representatives of the Taliban, and scholars from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Islamic countries. It was said that the Nadir Shah Khachilayev, head of the Union of Muslims of Russia, was supposed to come to this meeting. But on August 11, 2003, he was killed in Dagestan.

The meeting was dedicated to the idea of the unification of Islam under a green flag. The idea was to unite all those who acknowledged monotheism, recognizing only Allah, the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad for all Muslims for the sake of jihad.

The conversation was in the Turkish and Russian languages, because all those present understood these languages.

At first, there were minor disagreements over who should be in a key position in this new Islamic group. The Iranians, Afghans, Caucasians, and Turks argued that under the hegemony of Islam, they had made great strides. But in the end, all parties agreed. Of course, a Chechen businessman and millionaire, Hajj Ahmad Nukhayev, was behind this.

He had very close ties to the government of Turkey and Iran. He had several meetings with the leaders of many European countries. He had very close ties with powerful people in the United Kingdom.

Nobody wanted to have as powerful enemies Nadir Khachilayev and Hajj Nukhayev, even the president of Azerbaijan. Because of his cooperation, Nukhayev resolved that he would take any action in Baku and Azerbaijan in general except for the overthrow of the government.

The struggle for primacy in the Islamic world has been going on for a long time. And for just as long, there has been a desire to unite. But lately, this trend towards stronger association has been given a new impetus by two very powerful factors: Iran's nuclear program, and the deterioration of relations between Israel and Turkey. A railway project between Turkey and Iran is currently under construction through the territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Iran and Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan all working together on this project to create infrastructure. They have already signed several strategic agreements.

This economic cooperation is leading to political ties. And politics for Muslims means the spread of Islam and Sharia in non-Muslim states.

But the ultimate goal of all these initiatives is to establish a united front to oppose all infidels and kill or subjugate them. In confirmation of this are the words of the Caliph Umar: "Who is seeking the greatness outside the Islam, will be humiliated by Allah. We - people chosen by Allah to be glorified through Islam, and if we seek greatness and glory in something else than Islam, then Allah will humiliate us, too."

On July 19, the Israeli headquarters in the fight against terror, a division of the National Security Council, issued a statement according to which most countries of the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia are no longer a danger to Israelis. The exceptions were Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The statement that the Israelis released said that in these countries there is a risk level 4, which means a constant potential threat. Israelis do not recommend visiting these states if there is no special need, and in such cases, Israeli travelers should exercise increased caution and not gather there in large groups.

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