Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who added "Christian" and "Conservative" to Norway shooter's Facebook page yesterday?

Jihad Watch

Pamela Geller has noticed an interesting anomaly:

While the leftist and Islamic supremacist ghouls rush to portray Norway mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik as a Christian and even as an anti-jihadist, the unanswered questions multiply. Why did a jihad group take credit for the atrocities, and then retract? And who altered the murderer's Facebook page? Yesterday, at the time that his name was released, his Facebook page looked like this (hat tip Vivien for the screenshot): But shortly thereafter, this screenshot started circulating, of an altered Facebook page on which Breivik identified himself as a Christian and a conservative: (screenshot hat tip Vivien)

Did he have two different Facebook pages, one in Norwegian and one in English, and he only identified himself as a Christian and a conservative on the English one? Or did he pause from his murder spree to add "Christian" and "conservative" to his Facebook profile? Or maybe the whole page is a fake, as has been reported here.

But in the case, who faked it, and why? Who is so anxious to portray Breivik as a Christian and conservative? And if this was faked, can we trust any of the material that is now being released about Breivik being anti-jihad?

Comment: As mentioned on this blog yesterday something did not "smell right" when immediately the media retracted one story and flashed a simple facebook page identifying the murderer as a Christian. So, the devil is always in the details and more investigation is warranted. What we know now is that the Facebook site was created less than 2 weeks ago-we now know that the first site was altered to id the murderer as a Christian and we know now that agenda driven advocates are using this horrific opportunity to fabricate intentions and linkages. Let me ask you, do you think someone living in Jordan, an identified anti-Israeli writer, might have seize upon this story to indicate that the fault is due to "Islamophobia", that the murderer is linked to Israel and therefore right wing Zionists are responsible for this dastardly act? Wow, only the rubber man could stretch the logic this far-the sad thing is people will buy this as a possibility. The end game of this man's agenda is to denigrate and demonize any one asking critical questions of a politcal-religion called Islam-ah, see, I must be an "Islamophobe"-talk about "McCarthyism", he plays that card well.

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