Wednesday, August 29, 2012

COP: Navy SEAL Ad: I Fought So I Never Had to See My President Bow to Anyone

I see a lot of conversation around the blogosphere about the propriety of Military rank-and-file speaking out about this administration. Getting to the general topic of the Military must NEVER criticize their Commander-in-Chief, and the long and honored history of that creed, we must face the fact that we have allowed a President to release classified information for political gain, more than once, while being so absent of leadership that the troops in the field are not allowed to protect themselves. See the video below.

Obama has changed EVERYTHING. Our Pentagon has been whipped into the shape of a crescent by the leaders of Islamic countries. There is plenty of proof but the glaring example is Army Major Nidal Hasan and how the publicity about the Fort Hood massacre has been handled. Screaming “Allahu Akbar,” 14 people died on one of our largest military bases. For years, the Military brass over Hasan knew what he was. He was reported to superiors, talked about, gossiped about and nothing was done. Throughout, Hasan held a top security clearance, while communicating with a top al-Qaeda operative. Today, his lawyers have successfully delayed his trial due to the beard he has grown, in deference to his “religion,” (he as clean shaven when he murdered, as Military code mandates). The brass doesn’t have the balls to shave the terrorist on US soil. Today, neither the Pentagon nor the President has declared the killings an act of terror or jihad.
Our Nation has been redone through the power of the bully pulpit, and through Congress, by their failure to stop it. Anyone thinking a single World War II General would have put with Obama due to time-honored tradition, knows nothing about World War II or how America came to be the power that keeps the world safe.

Once these men are no longer serving through active duty, some will continue to serve by showing us the unthinkable. Stop and think about it. What if: we were in danger of a President and a Pentagon “gone bad.”  How would you know? If you were outraged that Obama bows to foreign leaders – a deep and defined bow to the Saudi king, do you think our troops don’t see and hear worse? How would you know? How would you know that our Government actually killed a US citizen through a direct action, if Fast and Furious whistleblower John Dodson, had not blown the whistle? You wouldn’t know, and without bloggers continuing to pound the story, it would have faded away to nothingness. 

We have big problems at our Pentagon. It all starts with the Commander-in-Chief who also “commands” the Pentagon. Let’s let this brew and roil, and continue turning up the heat to the boiling point on election day, November 6, 2012.
The SEALs are pounding the story.

This ad (public service announcement) is from SOFA (Special Operations for America).

Navy SEALs: I Fought So I Never Had to See My President Bow to Anyone (video)

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