Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jewish Organizations Speak Out Against Hagel

Daniel Greenfield 

Despite Hagel’s claims of a Jewish Cabal, Jewish organizations have remained silent and even the so-called lobby of AIPAC hasn’t said a word. Democratic Jewish Senators have fallen soullessly into line behind the Hagel train to Tehran. Now with the revelation of some of Hagel’s uglier comments, a few “mainstream” Jewish organizations have begun to speak out.
Last night, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that both the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee have made such statements. The ADL told JTA Hagel needed to explain the remark but the American Jewish Committee went farther in saying that “further Senate deliberation is called for before any final vote is taken.”
The ADL is rather late to the party and rather lukewarm, but the AJC’s move is rather bracing. The American Jewish Committee is not exactly known for taking bold pro-Israel positions. And suddenly it has waded into territory that only the ZOA, arguably the only major pro-Israel organization, has dared to venture into.

The ADL and AJC’s statement’s aren’t likely to move the likes of Senator Schumer or Carl Levin. Both men are beyond any sense of shame and their Jewish identifications are a matter of convenience. Expecting Senator Gillibrand, who is not only Schumer’s puppet, but who has made at least one statement indicating that she’s not terribly pro-Israel, to do so is also wishful thinking.

But the Hagel nomination is yet another opportunity to demonstrate that there is a fundamental breach between the interests of the Jewish community and of the extreme left that has taken over the Democratic Party and the billionaires who have bought it out lock, stock and barrel. It’s a teaching moment that shows how worthless men like Schumer and Levin are and how unwilling they are to stand up to their own party for their own constituents.

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