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Why we fight.

We must indeed wake up our fellow citizens and force our politicians to take the threat of Islamization seriously. Islam, like fascism, and communism as well, is totalitarian in nature and hegemonic, not being able to sustain itself it seeks expansion in order to plunder the wealth and knowledge of others in order to survive. Left to fend for itself, it recedes into stagnation and eventual decline. Let us help to make that a reality in our time.
When a Muslim imposes his religious identity on someone else, he is engaging in Islamization. That is the difference between Mark, the Mormon taxi driver who refuses to drink alcohol and Mohammed, the Muslim taxi driver who refuses to drive a passenger carrying alcohol.
Mark is practicing his religion in a public space. Mohammed is imposing his religion in a public space. Mark’s religion can be accommodated because his choices extend to his own body. Mohammed’s religion cannot be accommodated because it hijacks any public space that he exercises influence over by attempting to Islamize it. Islamization causes conflict, terrorism and war.
daniel greenfield the desert of islamization 26.10.2013
We are not yet dealing with armies. This is still an ideological conflict. Terrorism is just the tip of a much more dangerous iceberg. It’s the explosion of violence by the most impatient and least judicious of our enemies. What we are dealing with is Islamization. Islamization is the imposition of ideological norms in increasing severity. Like Nazification, it transforms a society by remaking it in its own image from the largest to the smallest of details.

Islamization begins with the hijacking of “secular” spaces transforming them from neutral into explicitly Islamic forms and functions. The process can be grandiose or petty. A group of Minnesota Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to transport passengers carrying alcohol are “Islamizing” part of the transportation system around that airport. They are imposing Islamic norms on the airport and the passengers. Similarly a Target cashier who refuses to scan pork is Islamizing her line.
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