Sunday, December 01, 2013

Minnesota: Catholic university installs mini-mosques and Islamic foot baths for Muslims

Tolerating the intolerant. via At University of St. Thomas, Catholics and Muslims find common ground | Star Tribune. h/t sharia unveiled


How many universities in the Muslim world have these?

Dark-haired young men started arriving about 12:30 p.m., piling their backpacks and coats in the narrow hallway. One by one, they slipped off their shoes and darted into an “ablution station” for ritual washing. Then they filed silently into room 302 of Loras Hall.

For the first time in its 128-year history, the University of St. Thomas has its own Islamic prayer rooms, as well as ritual washing stations for observant Muslims.

The prayer rooms, which opened in September, reflect the surging number of students from Middle Eastern countries flocking to the Catholic university in St. Paul.

The contingent from Saudi Arabia alone has jumped tenfold, from 12 students in 2008 to 121 this fall, and officials say they’re now the largest bloc of foreign students at the university.

“Yes, we are a Catholic school,” said Karen Lange, the dean of students, “but I think this shows that we’re also a diverse place, and we’re welcoming of students from all faiths.”

The symbols of the university’s Catholic heritage are everywhere on the St. Paul campus: in the chapels, in the artwork, in the St. Paul Seminary divinity school.
Yet they came as a surprise to some of the newcomers.
“We didn’t know this was a Catholic university when we came here,” admitted Afnan Alowayyid, a business communication major, who came from Saudi Arabia with her husband. Her English was so rudimentary, she says now, that she didn’t realize that the school was named after a Catholic saint.
“The name didn’t mean anything to me,” she said.
Like most of the Saudi students, Alowayyid came to St. Thomas under a Saudi government scholarship program, which was started in the mid-2000s to encourage citizens to study abroad.
Selling out for Saudi cash.
This is the same Minnesota city where the St. Paul Police Dept organize and enforce sharia swim time for Muslims and use taxpayer funds to transport Muslims to and from the pool.


Anonymous said...

This is a slap in every Catholics face. If I lived in this Archdiocese, I would be complaining. Your money to the Archdiocese and to your church was spent on this. What is next a hall for atheist? Once you do something for one group, it won't be long until another shows up wanting something! SHAMEFUL!!!!!!! Stand up for our beautiful traditions.

Hans said...

This is the result of Liberal ownership and everyone should boycott this institution..