Sunday, December 22, 2013

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Hamas renews rejection of PA's talks with Israel

Hamas renews rejection of PA's talks with Israel
Al Qassam website - The Hamas Movement reiterated its rejection of any Arab cover for the peace negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation state. In press remarks, Hamas stressed that any Arab mandate given to the PA
can never confer legitimacy on its compromising negotiations with the Israeli occupation.
"Granting the talks with the occupation more time by Abbas and the Arab foreign ministers is an unsuccessful step and goes against the Palestinian consensus that opposes the negotiations," Hamas stated.

It expressed its belief that the Arab states with such position reflected their submission to the US pressures at the expense of the Palestinian people's rights and interests.
It affirmed that the extra time given for the negotiations between the PA and Israel would be used by the latter to expand its settlement and Judaization activities, and commit more violations and crimes against the Palestinians and their property.
"The council of Arab foreign ministers should have rather taken a responsible Palestinian-Arab decision protecting the Palestinian people, their land and holy sites, and adopt decisions deterring the occupation's crimes and violations and strengthening the steadfastness of our people and their brave resistance," the Movement underlined.
The council of Arab foreign ministers recently renewed its support of the PA's engagement in ongoing negotiations with Israel and reiterated its appeal to the American sponsor, and other international parties, to force the Israeli government to cease all its settlement activities and give the peace talks the chance to achieve permanent solutions for the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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