Saturday, December 14, 2013

Prof. Mordechai Kedar response to his contacts in ASA‏

Below is Prof. Mordechai Kedar  response to his contacts in ASA.
We all need to send similar messages to all academic people we know. Udi
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Prof. Mordechai Kedar   wrote:
Dear Friends and colleagues in ASA,

Let's all boycott Israel's academic institutions!!

Let's throw out all our computers because the Intel-inside chip is designed and produced by Israeli academics who work for Intel-Israel!!

Let's boycott hundreds of medications because these medications are produced by Israeli and other companies which use Israeli bio-technology developed in Israeli academic institutions!!

Let's stop eating cucumbers and tomatoes since many kinds of vegetables and fruits were developed by Israeli academic institutions and their graduates!!

Let's throw all our cellphones to the garbage because they have Israeli technology embedded in them, and this technology was developed by ... oooops ... graduates of Israeli universities!!!

Let's all forget about the occupation of Texas from Mexico, the occupation of Cyprus by Turkey, the occupation of the Malvinas by Britain, the occupation of India and Pakistan in Jamo-Kashmir, and the most important:  the occupation of Tibet by China (where the money comes from, to rescue our economy and to fuel our research and salaries),

And - of course - let's forget for a while how the word hypocrisy is spelled... and what this word means...

Israel is the only problem in the whole world!!! Let's boycott the Jews!!!

Dr. Mordechai Kedar

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