Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Truth About Bethlehem

In 1990, before the Oslo Accords, 
Bethlehem was 60% Christian

Today, after nearly 20 years of
Palestinian Authority rule and
incessant Muslim threats and harassment,
Bethlehem is less than 15% Christian.

This pattern of Christians fleeing
is being repeated
in every Muslim majority country
in the Middle East.

Palestinian terrorists killed 
457 Israelis in 2002. 
Israel built a defensive wall to
stop the murders.

Since Israel built a separation barrier
between Israeli and Palestinian
population centers, major terrorist 
attacks have virtually halted.

Terrorist groups admit that the
barrier was the main reason for their
failure to kill more Israelis.

"They built a separation fence 
in the West Bank. We do not deny 
that it limits the ability of the resistance 
to arrive deep within [Israeli territory] 
to carry out suicide bombing attacks."
-Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shallah
March 2008

Meanwhile, Muslims continue to
harass Christians in Bethlehem
forcing even more to flee.

"The PA did not take sufficient action investigate and bring to justice 
persons who harassed, intimidated, 
and perpetrated attacks against 
some Christian residents of Bethlehem"
-US State Department report, 2010 

The Palestinian Authority
may be decorating trees 
this Christmas, but those trees
are hiding the real crimes 
against Christians in the Middle East.
Elder of Ziyon

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