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Things that Hamas would not want you to know

IDF Public Appeals Office

This is how Hamas operates to increase Palestinians injuries (see Chapter A)

Section A: Hamas Endangers Foreigners and Residents in the Gaza Strip
Hamas prevents foreign journalists from leaving the Gaza Strip and deliberately endangers them by keeping them in conflict zones (according to international law, there is an explicit obligation to provide journalists with the same protections as granted to citizens).
The Hamas policy is to direct civilians to remain in buildings that constitute military targets, even when those civilians are personally notified by the IDF of impending strikes.
Surveillance equipment has detected nearly a hundred cases of Hamas' and other terrorist organizations rockets landing within the Gaza strip, a number of which fell in densely populated areas. This stems from terrorists preferring to launch rockets from within urban areas; from ad hoc construction of rockets and rocket launchers; and from the fact that terrorists leave launch sites before the rockets are launched.

Section B: Hamas Officials Glorify Civilian Casualties and the Targeting of Israeli Population Centers.
The armed wing of Hamas proudly boasts that rockets reach Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
The official channel of Hamas (Al-Aqsa) rejoices over the terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv, praying to see the bodies of Israeli citizens emerge from the wreck.
Mushir Al-Masri, member of Hamas Legislative Council, boasts that the "rockets of resistance" harm the citizens of Israel and place three million of them within striking range.
Ismail Al-Ashkar, a senior Hamas member in Gaza, proclaims: "At this moment, we have the ability to strike Israeli cities".

Section C: Anti-Semitism and Incitement to Kill Israeli Citizens
The Official song of Hamas: "Death to Israel"
An official movie of Hamas encourages harming and killing Israeli citizens.
Ahmed Bahr, Vice Chairman of the Legislative Council in Gaza, refers to the Jews as "brothers of apes and pigs".

Section D: Hamas systematically exploits sites of civilian nature for establishing military facilities and rocket launch sites
Secondary explosions after an air strike attest to hidden rocket launchers in mosque courtyards.
Hidden rocket launchers in a soccer stadium – rocket fire next to a stadium and multiple secondary explosions following air strike
Launching of rockets from residential neighborhoods into Israeli cities
Launching of "Fajer 5" missiles from within populated residential areas towards Tel Aviv
Three "Grad" rockets launched at the same time from a single dwelling into Israeli cities

Section A: Hamas Endangering Civilians in the Gaza Strip
1.     On November 19th 2012 international media reports on how that same morning, Israel had distributed pamphlets to Gaza residents asking them to leave their homes in order to ensure their safety. Hamas authorities reacted to the distribution of the pamphlets, proving that they were familiar with the warning.
2.     The pamphlets distributed by the IDF were published in the Palestinian media as well; they read:
"To the residents of Sheikh Ag'lin, Tel El-Hawa, Southern Ramal, The Al-Zeiton, Sag'aiyah, Al-Turkeman and the New Sag'aiyah neighborhoods: The IDF will not attack you and does not wish to harm you or anyone in your families. For your safety, we ask that you leave your homes immediately and make your way to the other side of Gaza City along the following roads: Al-Qahira, Al-Aqsa, Al-Kadasiya, Salah Al-Din, Al-Mansura, Halatz and Baghdad.
Compliance with these instructions will ensure that you, citizens of Gaza, will not be harmed".
3.     Hamas Ministry of Interior Spokesperson, Islam Shahwan, called upon Gaza residents not to leave their homes. In conjunction with his statement, the Interior Ministry published an announcement also urging residents to stay home.
4.     The spokesperson for The Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Abdullah Al-Shami, also urged Palestinians to ignore, tear and burn the pamphlets. Al-Shami commented: "the threats of the enemy and his airplanes do not scare us. We will stand resolutely to defend our land".

The following is an interview with Islam Shahwan in Al-Quds radio (19/11/2012, 20:10):

Q: We are speaking to you now in the shadow of a brutal aggression against our people. As the bombardment continues, I would like to ask you about a specific point. We heard about messages that reached our citizens urging them to leave their homes. These messages must certainly be a joke, what kind of a joke I don't know. Supposedly there has been an infiltration into the Jawal network [a Palestinian cellular phones network]?
A: The Zionist enemy continues to wage a massive communications war against our people, the Palestinians. Every attempt he makes fails, and so he tries again. This is the result of his capabilities. We warn our Palestinian nation that the Zionist enemy has begun to infiltrate Palestinian communication networks and has begun to call a number of cellular phone numbers. Therefore, in order to calm the people, and in light of the fact that we warned the Palestinian citizens that international and Israeli phone numbers from the Israeli communications network tried to contact them, with the kindness of Allah exalted and praised be he, we jointly succeeded in stopping the Zionist enemy from accomplishing his objectives.
From the night of November 18, 2012 until now, we intercepted in our operational centers many calls by Palestinian citizens; we warn our Palestinian brethren not to answer or to be engaged in calls from cellular phone numbers from unknown sources. That is to say that if a phone call comes in, especially if it is a mobile to mobile call, do not respond to it, so as not to spread fear and panic.
Whoever wishes to send a text message may do so with the following message: I am Mr. so and so and I send this message in order to overcome the Zionist enemy; or he should simply ignore the messages.
Therefore, by way of your broadcast station, the Pioneering Al-Quds Radio, the radio of the Resistance, we say to our brothers wherever they are listening: we beg you, our beloved ones and brothers, not to respond or engage in these phone calls. This is the message we are transmitting from the Interior Ministry to our brothers everywhere.

Surveillance equipment detected over the eight days course of operation "Pillar of Defense" that Hamas rockets landed nearly a hundred times within the Gaza Strip, a number of which fell into areas densely populated by Palestinians. These failed launches stemmed from terrorists opting to launch rockets from deep within civilian areas; from  ad hoc construction of rockets and rocket launchers; and from the fact that terrorists ran away from launching sites before the rockets were actually launched, resulting in improper guidance of the rocket at launch time. 

NOTE:  all of the videos can be viewed at:

Nearly one hundred  Hamas rockets were documented falling in Gaza itself during "Pillar of Defense" operation
The table below displays where Hamas' rockets fell in the Gaza Strip during the operation.
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Section B: Official Hamas Sources Boast about Civilian Losses and Attacks on Israeli Cities (link:
The following is a brief from Hamas military wing, "Iz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigade" announcement, published on their official website (21/11/2012).
1.     "Sijjil's Stones" of the Al-Qassam brigade were victorious in "'Pillar of Defense" operation. From the beginning of the violence against us we launched 1,573 rockets towards enemy's positions, we hit enemy's positions, we hit enemy's air planes, ships and instruments of war.
For the first time we used long range missiles, some of which, locally manufactured, reached a range of 80 km and hit, for the first time in the conflict's, history, the cities of Herzliya, Tel Aviv, and occupied Jerusalem, thus forcing the Occupation's leadership to wave a white flag.
2.     Al-Qassam brigades launched, in the framework of "Sijjil's Stones", six M75 missiles and six "Fajer-5" missiles, with the following distribution: one towards Herzliya, three towards occupied Jerusalem, seven towards Tel Aviv, and one towards Be'er Sheva.
3.     The Palestinian Population went out into Gaza's streets with joy over the victory of the Resistance and the declaration of a ceasefire that met the Resistance's conditions.

Following are extracts from Hamas Spokesman, Fawzi Barhums' interview, granted to a reporter of the "Al-Aqsa" channel (17:37, 21/20/1211):
1.     Barhum was asked about the "ceasefire agreement", and said that Israel was surprised by the capabilities and actions of the "Iz Al-Din Al-Qassam" brigade, including rockets that were launched and reached Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Jerusalem.
2.     Barhum added that Israel was also surprised by the resistance and Hamas' handling of the political contacts regards the ceasefire, which were conducted according to the conditions of the Resistance and its demands to halt the attacks.
3.     Barhum said that Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, Egypt, and other resistance factions handled the negotiations wisely.
4.     Barhum said that the enemy is accustomed to escalate, destroy, and afterwards to sign a "ceasefire". This time, however, the "ceasefire" would not enable the enemy to continue the killing.
5.     Barhum said that Hamas adhered to the Resistance's conditions and that it was clear that Egypt ensured Palestinian rights in a serious manner. He also stated that the Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and other resistance factions did not back down from a single condition and that as a result, Egypt did not receive an Israeli reply to their demands and no ceasefire agreement was reached until the time of the interview.
6.     Barhum said that every hour someone was wounded or killed and discussed the last attacks on Gaza.
7.     Barhum said that it seems that because the enemy failed to achieve a false state of calm, he would begin attacking citizens again.
8.     Barhum praised the "brave action" in Tel Aviv and said that this sends a strong message from the "resistance".
9.     Barhum was asked about Israeli reports that Hamas succeeded in igniting the West Bank – a Hamas victory – and whether igniting the West Bank helped the Resistance's fighting. Barhum said in response that this was one of the war's goals: Palestinian aspirations are not split between Gaza and the West Bank, or within the Green Line or "in Palestine" and outside of it. He also spoke about the strong support by his brothers in the West Bank.
10.  Referring to the unity with the West Bank, Barhum said that this was the third issue the enemy was surprised by.
11.  Barhum praised the "Brave Action" in Tel Aviv.
12.  Barhum said there had to be many brave and good actions like the one in Tel Aviv in all Israeli cities, until the fight against Israel is finished.

Video Clip with Subtitles: Hamas' Official Call for Celebrations in Gaza after the Attack in Tel Aviv
Speaker: Narrator for Hamas' channel  Al-Aqsa
Subject: Hamas' official channel describes the first pictures from the attack on a bus in Tel Aviv.
Date: 21/11/12
These are the faces of the wounded. God willing we will shortly see black bags [for bodies]. I pray to Allah, may his name be praised and elevated, that we will soon see the black bags. The faces seen to this point have been of the wounded Zionists. At this moment, in mosques in the Gaza Strip – their minarets are raising their voices with cries of 'Allah Akbar' and calls of joy, and the residents of the Gaza Strip bow before Allah for this gift. The morale of the residents of Gaza is sky-high and it rises like the rockets of the resistance.

Video Clip with Subtitles:
Speaker: Mushir Al-Masri, Senior Hamas official and member of Gaza's Legislative Council.
Station: "Al-Aqsa" channel, used as a Hamas mouthpiece.
Date: 15/11/12
Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Al-Qassam's rockets and the resistance's rockets exhausted the efforts of the Zionists, and this enemy that wants to place 1.8 million Palestinians within range of their missiles, has now seen 3 million of its residents placed within range of our rockets, with the kindness of Allah!
Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!
The "Grad" rocket, the "Qassam" rocket, and the "Fajer-5" landed for the first time in the capital of the Zionist entity, in the heart of Tel Aviv, with the kindness of Allah!

Video Clip with Subtitles
Speaker: Ismail Al-Ashkar, Senior Hamas Official in Gaza
Station: "Al-Quds" channel, used as a Hamas mouthpiece
It is self evident that the resistance (Hamas) is the one that will choose the time, place and methods to respond to the Zionist Occupation.
I think that our options are to attack within (Israeli) cities and to return to suicide attacks and to strike what the Palestinian resistance, lead by the Iz Al-Din Al-Qassam brigades (the military arm of Hamas), deems appropriate.

Section C: Anti-Semitism and the Incitement to Kill Israeli Civilians
Incitement to mass extermination on a national and religious basis and incitement to Genocide.
Official song of Hamas "Death to Israel":

"Al-Aqsa" TV (Hamas)
November 18, 2012

Be a volcano of fire!
Be a stone of sijjil (quranic reference)
With your tongue of jihad repeat over and over:
Death to Israel!

Be a volcano of fire!
Be a stone of sijjil
With your tongue of jihad repeat over and over:
Death to Israel!

Destroy the Zionist`s throne,
The structure of absolute evil,
And the terrorism of Sharon!
Raise the flag of victory

Destroy the Zionist`s throne,
The structure of absolute evil,
And the terrorism of Sharon!
Raise the flag of victory!

Destroy the Zionist`s throne,
The structure of absolute evil,
And the terrorism of Sharon!
Raise the flag of victory
With blood and fire,
Fight until freedom!
Defeat the army of aggression,
The enemies of mankind!

With blood and fire,
Fight until freedom!
Defeat the army of aggression,
The enemies of mankind!

Be a volcano of fire!
Be a stone of sijjil
With your tongue of jihad repeat over and over:
Death to Israel!

Be a volcano of fire!
Be a stone of sijjil
With your tongue of jihad repeat over and over:
Death to Israel!

Official Hamas video encouraging stabbings and killings of Israeli civilians
A clip broadcasted on "Al-Aqsa" Station, serving the Hamas, shows the accomplishments of the movement in the last few years, including a number of stabbings, kidnapping of soldiers, rocket launching into Israel, etc. The clip was broadcasted on 29.12.12.
The following is a description of the video:
1.     A fighter of the "resistance" ambushes a Haredi Jew and stabs him. After the stabbing, the number 38 appears, marking 38 stabbings.
2.     The fighter continues, carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle, shoots at a group of soldiers, killing them and taking their weapons. Afterwards, the number 487 appears, marking 487 shootings by members of Hamas' military wing.
3.     In the third scene a fighter is seen with his face covered, standing behind a kidnapped soldier, holding an automatic weapon and the soldier's ID card. On the side the number 24 appears, marking 24 plans to kidnap soldiers.
4.     The picture changes to a man assembling a suicide belt and on the screen appears a large number 87, marking 87 suicide attacks by Hamas.
5.     In the fifth scene, a Hamas member is shown firing a missile towards Israel and then entering an underground tunnel and launching more rockets from there. On the screen appears the number 13,981, marking 13,981 launches of mortars and rockets towards Israeli cities.
6.     Towards the end, a Hamas activist is shown preparing a rocket with a number mounting higher and higher followed by the words "It will never stop".

Speaker: Deputy Head of the Legislative Council in Gaza, Ahmed Bahr
Station: "Al-Aqsa" television.
Date: 17/11/12
Extract: Al-Bahr describes the Jews as "brothers of apes and pigs", and calls for a lawsuit against the "monstrous Zionist entity". He praises the resistance for their rocket launching into the "heart of the entity" – Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – and declares that the Palestinian legislative council will stand behind the Palestinian resistance factions.
Full Transcript:
We say to the entire world: these (the Israelis) are a people of criminals, who have no conscience and no God, who are the brothers of apes and pigs.
Greetings to the Palestinian Resistance, headed by the Iz Al-Din Al-Qassam brigades, who attacked the monstrous Zionist entity, bombed it with rockets at its heart, in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
We say to this treacherous enemy, that our Palestinian people – men, women and children – all stand in the trench of the Resistance.
We, at the Palestinian Legislative Council, on behalf of my brothers and (Chairman) Dr. Aziz Al-Duweik, stand behind the Resistance and the Palestinian factions.
We say to the Resistance: Go with God's blessing, and beware of the brothers of apes and pigs, for they cannot be trusted and have no conscience.
Our people and our Resistance – Go in the path of martyrdom, until the liberation of Palestine, God willing.

Section D: Hamas Systematically Exploits Sites of a Civilian Nature for the Sake of Establishing Military Facilities and Rocket Launching Sites
The video clips are for illustration only and represent only partially the systematic violation of international law by Hamas.

Video Number 1 – Firing near a soccer stadium
Date: 19.11.12
Place: Al-Yarmuk soccer stadium, Gaza City.
Visual Documentation: Firing of rockets towards Israel from a building near a soccer field

Video Number 2 – Four secondary explosions of ammunition, stored in a soccer stadium.
Date: 21.11.12
Place: Al-Yarmuk soccer stadium, Gaza City
Action: Launching pits in a soccer stadium
Visual Documentation: Four secondary explosions in a soccer stadium

Video Number 3- Launching pits in a mosque courtyard
Operation "Pillar of Defense"
Visual Documentation: Secondary explosions in a mosque courtyard following an air force bombing. The mosque not damaged.

Hamas takes pride in risking civilian lives in Gaza and in Israel:
Five additional videos of Hamas boast of shooting at Israeli cities. The rockets were fired from population centers in Gaza – from houses, buildings and neighborhoods at mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Video Number 4: Firing of a "Fajer-5" missile towards Tel Aviv from a populated neighborhood
Date: 15.11.2012
Visual Documentation: From the middle of a densely populated neighborhood in Gaza, a "Fajer-5" rocket is fired at night.

Video Number 5: Three "Grad" rockets launched simultaneously from one window in the same house.
Date: 16.11.12
Visual Documentation: Three "Grad" rockets are launched from the second floor window of a house in Gaza towards Israel.

Video Number 6: Documentation of firing towards Israel from a single house – first in the morning and once again in the afternoon
Date: 17.11.12
Visual Documentation: Hamas is documented firing from the same house in the morning and in the evening, as well as firing from a populated area at night.

Video Number 7: Documentation of Hamas firing towards Israel at night from within a populated neighborhood
Date: 18.11.12
Visual Documentation: A number of night launches towards Israel from the heart of a civilian neighborhood.

Video Number 8: Documentation of Hamas continuously firing at Israel from Palestinians buildings
Date: 20.11.12
Visual Documentation: Rockets launched simultaneously towards Israel from Palestinian buildings located in the middle of a populated neighborhood.

·           The report shows a number of clear, factual examples, which demonstrate the systematic, clear and deliberate violation of international law by Hamas, against civilian population both in Israel and Gaza. Hamas was also documented actively breaking international law, inciting towards the murder of Israelis and Jews wherever they are, and declaring plans to continue violating international law. 
·           Hamas invested a lot of effort in causing Israeli civilian casualties and was documented deliberately firing towards civilian population in Israel. These actions by Hamas constitute clear and serious violations of the international law principles, including the principle of distinction.
·           The report focuses on the deliberate policy of Hamas not to prevent Palestinian civilian casualties: Hamas instructed Palestinian civilians not to leave the zone of hostilities and sites that constituted military targets, even when there were clear and known intentions to strike such targets. Hamas also instructed the civilian population in Gaza not to leave military areas, even if they received telephone warnings of impending strikes on the buildings in which they were staying, or on a nearby military target.
·           Launches from deep within Gaza, using rockets of an indiscriminate nature, while the launchers hide among the civilian population. Hamas deliberately and significantly endangered the lives of civilians in Gaza – a phenomenon that was evident during operation "Pillar of Defense", when around 100 Hamas rockets fell on Gaza, some of which in densely populated residential neighborhoods, without prior warning.

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