Thursday, May 22, 2014

Islamist Terror Watchdog in NYT: Radical Jihadists Engaged in Stealth Campaign to Silence Free Speech

Washington, D.C. – The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) – in a
full-page ad running in the New York Times today – cautioned that Islamic
terrorists are successfully suppressing free speech to the grave detriment
of U.S. national security.

“Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to eliminate the West through
horrifying brutality and a stealth jihad against our values in the name of
Allah,” IPT Executive Director and Founder Steven Emerson said. “Perhaps
most chilling is that the U.S. government and civic institutions at the
highest levels are capitulating to their aggressive censorship


The ad, titled “Still Here. Still Free. But For How Long?,” discusses the
ongoing global activity of radical Islamist terror organizations and the
great pains that their sympathizers are taking to censor debate.

The advertisement cites the White House eliminating the term “radical Islam”
and similar language in its counter-terrorism programs. It also discusses
jihadist terror organizations effectively silencing discourse on college
campuses and in media that might "offend" followers of Islam.

“How is it possible for U.S. citizens to engage in the necessary debate over
Islamist terror when U.S. leaders ban its most descriptive and accurate
asked former House Intelligence Committee Chairman and
IPT Shillman Senior Fellow Pete Hoekstra. “Denying the overtly religious
motivations behind their barbaric attacks minimizes the true nature of a
strong and terrifying enemy just waiting for the right opportunity to strike

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