Friday, May 09, 2014

Israeli paramedic receives Presidents Award - for saving Syrians

Elder of Ziyon

Note:  Here is another story I know never made it into MSM and never would be picked up by MSM.  This story speaks the truth about life here in Israel, it demonstrates our humanity-and btw this is but many such stories that go on here on a regular basis. Don't let truth get in the way of opinions!

Meet Noga Erez, a paramedic in the IDF who works in the field hospital on the Syrian border.

On Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Nioga received The President's Award for Excellence for her outstanding service.

As the IDF blog notes, "Every year, out of thousands of candidates, the President of Israel honors the most outstanding soldiers in the IDF. These soldiers are an inspiration to their peers, acting as leaders and demonstrating the highest degree of excellence."

What other nation on the planet would give one of their highest honors high honor for someone who saves the lives of people from an enemy country?

Here's her story:
click here to view her story on youtube:

(h/t Shlomo HaLevi)

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