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Kerry and the 'A-word'… actually, both A-words

  More than exposing his personal prejudices, John Kerry’s recent remarks illustrate how biased against the Jews –i.e. anti-Semitic –the entire discourse on the Palestinian issue has become …The attitude that shedding Jewish blood is more acceptable than the measures required to prevent it appears to be becoming increasingly internalized into the discourse on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.  It is this attitude that is the real racism

Several short excerpts:
A two-state solution will be clearly underscored as the only real alternative. Because a unitary state winds up either being an apartheid state – or… a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state. Once you put that frame in your mind… which is the bottom line, you understand how imperative it is to get to the two-state solution.
– John Kerry before the Trilateral Commission, cited by The Daily Beast, April 27

John Kerry’s recent use of the term “Apartheid” in reference to Israel’s future was an anti-Semitic act.
– Caroline B.Glick, The Jerusalem Post, April 29

From the outset John Kerry was an ill-advised choice for the position of secretary of state. His history of embarrassing gaffes made his appointment as America’s top diplomat clearly imprudent and inappropriate...Read More

Rage, reproach and ridicule

...But for some reason, none of these prior lapses unleashed the same maelstrom of rage, reproach and ridicule as his leaked prognosis that, unless it hastens to embrace “the two-state solution,” Israel may become an “apartheid state.”…Read More

‘Apartheid’ & ‘anti-Semitism’ ”- Countervailing A-words?

 “Apartheid” is an emotive “A-word” and Kerry’s use of it was pounced on by both friends and foes of Israel.”…Pro-Israel pundits, such as Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin, responded robustly …Others unsheathed their own countervailing, equally emotive A-word, “anti-Semitism” ..Most scathing in this regard was the Post’s Caroline Glick...Read More

Remarkably unremarkable remark?

Truth be told, in some respects it is a little difficult to understand why Kerry’s uncalled for remarks should have generated such intense response.

Although Kerry is hardly a figure deserving of our empathy, I can well imagine the shocked surprise he must has have felt at the force of the reactions they evoked. For as some of his defenders/apologists point out, not only were they remarkably unremarkable, but several senior Israeli leaders have used almost identical language in the past...Read More

Beyond personal prejudice

Although some might find Glick’s caustic rhetoric a little over the top, there can be little doubt of the essential validity and gravity of the issues she raises. Indeed, the situation may well be even more serious than she depicts....Indeed, inherent anti-Semitism has become so deeply inculcated into the culture and conduct of that discourse it is difficult to imagine it today without its axiomatic anti-Semitic animus...Read More

Blatantly Judeophobic policy

 For in essence, according to the approach taken by Kerry and others, and which hitherto has dominated that discourse, the Jews are being told that they can only legitimize the existence of their nation-state if they agree to expose it to mortal danger...Read More 

Enmity, not ethnicity

…Such accusations [of apartheid]and comparisons [to South Africa] are unfounded and inappropriate. For this seemingly discriminatory policy is not driven by any belief in racial superiority but a well-founded concern for security. They are not a response to Palestinian ethnicity but to Palestinian enmity. They are not a product of what the Palestinians are, but of what they do – or support doing...Read More

Reverse racism

 It is the demand to desist from such differentiation that is a reflection of racism.

It is a reverse racism that pervades the subtext of the discourse on Israeli policy toward the Palestinians: The victims of racist hatred are condemned as racist for fending off their racist attackers...Read More

Expecting Jews to die meekly

Trying to delegitimize these measures as “apartheid” policy embodies the implicit delegitimization of the right of Jews to defend themselves. As such, it comprises the implicit expectation that Jews should consent to die meekly...Read More

The real racism

The attitude that shedding Jewish blood is more acceptable than the measures required to prevent it appears to be becoming increasingly internalized into the discourse on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

It is this attitude that is the real racism – structural and systemic anti-Semitism – that colors the conduct and the culture of the discourse on the “Palestinian issue.”…Read More

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