Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mass beheadings reported in Iraq as al-Qaeda forces take Mosul and Tikrit

Atlas Shrugs June 12, 2014

Apparently, these Muslim groups in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Thailand, Burma, Lebanon, China, UK, and across the world haven’t seen CAIR’s bus ads!
And al Qaeda didn’t get Obama’s talking points. They are on the run. They are vanquished! If Obama says it, it is so. Isn’t that right? Tell that to the headless.
That fact is that they are coming for us. it’s only a matter of time. Obama can lie, obfuscate and dance as fast as he can. But he has disarmed this nation.
The foreign agent in the White House is mulling moving American bases located across Europe and the Pacific (that are still there in order to secure the victory of World War II) not to combat the gravest threat to freedom — the global jihad — but to fight …climate change. Any gains made by previous pro-American administrations have been destroyed and dismantled by the islamophile in the White House.
Here are the poisonous fruits of Obama’s post-Iraq statecraft. ABC news is reporting that Iraq confirms the jihadists “looted $429 million from Mosul banks, making them richer than some small countries.”
Add this to Obama’s towering pile of monumental, game-changing failures.

The Telegraph is liveblogging the al Qaeda take over of Iraq.
Iraq crisis: al-Qaeda forces seize Mosul and Tikrit – live
Mass beheadings reported in northern Iraq as al-Qaeda forces take Mosul and Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s home town – follow latest developments
18.24 A Turkish foreign ministry official has just called for an urgent Nato meeting on Iraq.
As you’ll remember (see 17.44), 80 Turkish citizens are currently being held hostage.
18.08 AFP – Iran offers Iraq support against ‘terrorism:’ foreign minister
 People gather at the site of a suicide-bomb attack in Baghdad’s Shi’ite slum of Sadr city today
17.44 Turkey is now claiming 80 citizens are being held in two separate incidents in Mosul.
The ministry said 49 of its citizens had been seized at its consulate-general and transferred to another part of the city, while 31 others – truck drivers who were abducted on Tuesday – were being held hostage at a power station in Mosul.
17.40 As al-Qaeda forces sweep across northern Iraq, Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent, assesseswho ISIS is, who there leader is and how they have become so dominant:
QuoteQ. How did ISIS become so dominant in western Iraq? Wasn’t it supposed to have been defeated before the Americans pulled out of Iraq in 2011?
A. The so-called “surge” launched by President George W. Bush did indeed reduce both Shia and Sunni violence in Iraq between 2006 and 2008.
However, lower level violence, including bombings by ISI especially of Shia pilgrimages and police stations continued, rising slowly last year.
Then, in a lightning strike in December, ISIS seized control of Fallujah and Ramadi, the two major Sunni strongholds of western Anbar province, neighbouring Syria. The Iraqi security forces made some inroads against them, but without any apparent strategy either to retake the cities or to win back their populations. Last week, ISIS began a major assault against other Iraqi cities in Sunni areas, including both Samarra, north of Baghdad, and Mosul.

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