Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arabs say Condoleezza Rice: saleswoman of lies

Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem

Condoleezza Rice, the unglamorous American Secretary of State, is due to arrive in Occupied Palestine later Wednesday to promote the putative American-proposed “peace” conference, slated to take place in November.
Rice will meet with Zionist political and military leaders in an effort to convince them to show some flexibility vis-à-vis the so-called core issues that define the Palestinian question. These include, inter alia, ending the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 as well as finding a solution to the plight of nearly five million Palestinian refugees brutally uprooted from their homes by Zionist terror when Israel was created six decades ago.

Rice will also ask Israeli leaders for the umpteenth time to show “some gestures” toward the thoroughly tormented Palestinians, like removing some of the estimated 700 Nazi-like military roadblocks, used by the Israeli occupation army primarily to humiliate and persecute Palestinian civilians.

The black lady is likely to receive a negative reply from the inherently deceitful Israeli leaders even if “yes” will be their answer. Successive Israeli governments promised hundreds of time to relax the draconian punitive sanctions against the helpless Palestinians. However, on the ground nothing has changed as every Palestinian traveler and motorist would tell.

It is very difficult to expect the Israeli leadership to take Rice seriously in their hearts. After all, the woman who stands at the helm of American diplomacy has been here numerous times and it could be said that her accumulative achievements so far amount to a monumental zero.

The Israelis know what they are doing. Their meetings with Rice showed consistently that she was a weak diplomat who shakes and cringes when reminded, in one way or the other, of the “Jewish power” and the Zionist stranglehold on the Bush’s administration, Congress and media.

Weak and clueless whenever affronted by Israeli and Jewish circles, Rice would normally resort to babbling the same old platitudes about the proverbial two states living side by side in peace, etc., and etc., and etc.

To cover up for her failure and powerlessness with the Israelis, the former Kremlinologist would rather insolently lecture the hopelessly weak Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on the need to meet Israeli demands, including fighting “terror.”

Moreover, Rice would not hesitate to insult a clearly gullible Abbas by telling him that the real contention is not really between Israel, the criminal occupier, and the Palestinian people, its enduring victims, but rather between Israel and the Palestinian forces of peace on the one hand, and Hamas and the forces of extremism on the other.

Not withstanding, the main problem actually lies not with Rice’s weakness and pliancy when confronted by the Zionists. After all, which American official has not been weak and subservient to the Jewish lobbies.

The real problem lies squarely with these naïve, gullible, and utterly impotent Arab leaders who, despite a thousand slaps on their ugly faces, continue to give these paragons of mendacity and deception the benefit of the doubt.

Even a small child will stop believing his own father if he makes a promise but fails to fulfill it a few times. But successive American administrations, deceitful and nefarious as they are, have always adopted mendacity and deception as their modus operandi in dealing with Arab and Muslim causes.

Well, what makes Mahmoud Abbas, who says he represents “Palestinian legitimacy,” think that Rice and her wicked boss, George Bush, the Fuhrer of our time, will suddenly start producing miracles as he approaches the lame-duck phase of his second and final term of office?

What makes Abbas think that the American administration which for the past seven years utterly failed to get Israel to remove even a single roadblock in the West Bank will now be able or indeed willing to force the Judeo-fascist regime in occupied Palestine to give up Jerusalem and allow millions of tormented refugees to return home?

Will Bush, who a few years ago assured Israel’s legendary terrorist and certified war criminal, Ariel Sharon, that the Zionist state could keep the settlements intact, now change his mind and decide to become an honest follower of Jesus Christ or a believer of “right over might”?

The truth of the matter, which one doesn’t have to be a great political expert to digest, is that neither Bush, nor Rice, nor their cohorts, will change their skins, let alone their evil hearts.

Indeed, an administration that has invaded and destroyed a sovereign country based on lies and fabrications and killed or caused the death of nearly a million Iraqi civilians can’t be trusted to bring justice to the Palestinian people.

This is why it is imperative that Palestinians realize now, not tomorrow, that the upcoming “peace” conference will meet the same failure and same fiasco that the numerous past “peace” meetings and conferences met.

The Prophet Muhammed said “a believer shouldn’t be bitten from the same snake hole twice.”

But we, Palestinians and Arabs, have been bitten by the American snake numerous times and every time its venom penetrates our veins, we seek to convince ourselves that maybe the treacherous serpent would morph into a meek pigeon the next time.

In short, the real problem lies with our naivety, stupidity and gullibility, not with Israel’s and America’s wickedness, deceptiveness and criminality.

As the legendary Arab poet Zuheir Ibn Abi Sulma said more than 1450 years ago, “he who doesn’t respect himself, shall not be respected by others.” The golden adage is as relevant now as ever.

Comment: Did you note the tone of this piece? Notice how every chance they get they "brain wash" people with "occupied East Jerusalem"-this is a common media tactic in the Arab world

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