Monday, September 24, 2007

Irans gameplan:West Has Launched a “Media War“

Iran is working only for the peace, security and the welfare of the Iranian nation as well as the nations of the region, said a senior military advisor to Iran’s leader, Yahya Rahim Safavi. Speaking in an exclusive interview in Press TV’s “4Corners“, Major General Safavi added that the West will not succeed in its propaganda war against Iran. “We are in the headlines of the western media. They have started a media war against Iran in the last few years but they already realized that it is doomed,“ he said. Safavi, the former head of Islamic Revolution’s Guards Corps (IRGC), was speaking on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the onset of the Iraq-imposed war in which Iranians courageously defended their country against the brutal onslaught of Saddam Hussein’s Army, which was supported by the West and most Arab regimes. He noted that the Revolutionary Guards have made tremendous progress in the field of defense. “Right now, the IRGC has turned into a regular revolutionary army with an Islamic ideology while at the beginning of the war it was only a force to defend the country,“ he said. The military advisor, who prefers to be called a professor due to his years of teaching in a university, said the IRGC shares the role of defending the country with the Iranian Army, since the two are arms of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Referring to foreign threats, he said, “It seems very unlikely that the foreign troops in the region could start another attack because they have been busy with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and they should focus on that. Wise and rational people, who are taking care of the war in Iraq, will not risk another attack.“ Safavi stressed that Iran is ready to foil the enemies’ attacks. Commenting on Iraqi insecurity, he said, “The CIA has armed some 10,000 forces of former Baathist members to fight Al-Qaeda. So, the main problem is the US policies and their improper understanding of cultural and tribal complexities of Iraq.“ He reiterated that Iran has had no military role in Iraq, pointing out that the US has not been able to come up with any evidence to prove Iran’s military involvement in Iraq. “However, we have enough evidence to show that the US has been arming the counter-Iranian military forces in Iraq,“ he said. Safavi noted that the security of Iraq is important for Iran for the simplest reason that there are millions of Iranian pilgrims going to Iraq’s holy sites annually and Iraq’s security is to the benefit of the two countries. “Iran has now a strong intelligence system and missiles. We are closely watching the foreigners’ moves in the neighboring countries by highly advanced satellite technology and advanced radars. If they enter our airspace or our territorial waters, they will get a fair response,“ he said. Safavi said the equipment shown in the Saturday’s military parade only offer a glimpse of the Iranian arsenal and Iran will not reveal its true defense capabilities unless it’s necessary.

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