Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thanks Shin Bet-good start for the new year!

Police, Shin Bet foil suicide attack in Tel Aviv Officers discover explosive belt hidden in residential building following arrest of Nablus resident during last week's operation in West Bank city. Sappers conduct controlled-detonation of belt
Efrat Weiss
Police and Shin Bet officers foiled a suicide attack which was meant to take place in Tel Aviv Saturday after discovering an explosive belt hidden in a residential building in the city's southern area.

The belt was found following the arrest of Mahadi Ashur, a Palestinian from Nablus who worked in Tel Aviv. The man was apprehended during last week's operation in Biet llma, a refugee camp in the West Bank city.

Sappers conducted a controlled-detonation of the belt.

The belt was the same one IDF forces in Nablus failed to locate after arresting a would-be suicide bomber, his recruiter and the planner of an attack that was meant to be carried out in central Israel.

On Friday it was reported that Duvdevan unit forces operating in Nablus arrested senior Hamas member Niyad Shkirat. Forty-nine other wanted Palestinians were also captured during the operation, and all suspects were transferred to defense forces for questioning.

West Bank Brigade Commander Colonel Amir Baram said at the conclusion of the IDF's operation in Nablus Friday that "the activity of IDF forces in Nablus thwarted a terror attack in the immediate future".

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