Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nuno: Palestinians won't be bound by agreements reached at "autumn conference"

Arab press reports:

GAZA, PIC--Taher Al-Nuno, the spokesman of the legitimate PA caretaker government, has affirmed Tuesday that any agreement that might result from the US-designed peace conference this coming autumn will not be binding for the Palestinian people. The clear and sound remarks of Nuno came in the aftermath of the PA caretaker government's weekly session Tuesday where he also accused Israel of blackmailing Palestinian parties to give up Palestinian national constants and legal rights.

"The [PA weekly] session discussed a number of crucial matters in the Palestinian arena, including the anticipated visit of US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to the region that aims at tightening the siege and isolation on Hamas", Nuno furthermore explained.

But he underlined that both the PA caretaker government and the Palestinian resistance factions, including Hamas Movement among other Palestinian resistance factions, will not allow any one to tamper with the national and legal rights of the Palestinian people.

He also affirmed that the PA caretaker government was taking the Israeli threats of invading the Gaza Strip seriously; underlining that the government was taking all possible security measures and military preparedness to repel any IOF military adventure into Gaza.

Furthermore, the PA official deprecated what he described as "repressive measures" taken by the PA security apparatuses in the West Bank under PA chief Mahmoud Abbas against Hamas cadres, political leaders, and social welfare charities.
He also flayed decision of the "unconstitutional" PA government in Ramallah city under Salam Fayyadh of cutting salaries of the PLC deputies, describing such decision as "an attempt to strangle the PA legislature", and to "destroy the Palestinian political system".

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