Sunday, November 29, 2009

Divided we FALL! UNITED we stand and WIN!

November 29, 2009

By Nurit Greenger

The latest events are a great worrisome to me. Within the Jewish Sate borders, the headlines are zooming in my ears: Bibi Netanyahu’s government agreed to a ten months constructions freeze while the freeze does not apply to Arabs who are building nonstop; Netanyahu’s government continuously chasing the Arab-“Palestinian” bride to engage in talks to make “peace” while the bride keeps on saying NO unless she get another, larger, diamond engagement ring; more are expelled from “illegal” posts; and now the scary thought of the upcoming release of hundreds of terrorists, whom in all likelihood go back to their old profession of killing Jews. And these are just few issues that are cause for alarm. Outside the Jewish Sate borders, anti-Israel diplomacy, anti-Jewish-anti-Semitic bigotry is now world epidemic and Hitlerism is everywhere!

A very dark cloud is hovering over the State of Israel and the Israeli-Jewish Nation.

What are the dark clouds?

Seemingly there are some genetic defects or millenniums of conditioning or a combination of both have made a portion of Jewish people unable, unwilling and inimical to function as free Nation at its historic and ancient Homeland.

A standard observer would not find much difficulty to record blatant plots to keep electing the same elements, who have been most unsuccessful, over and over again. And if a ‘pre cooked’ elections fail to do so, then they rely of "vahadot messadrot" (organizing committees) to do the clean up job for them.

There is a new expression developing. It is the unJew, a/k/a a ‘new type’ of Jews. These unJews are everywhere.

If we left is to the unJews they would have opted Uganda as the Jewish Homeland instead of the Ancient Homeland of the Jewish Nation in the Galeel, Yehuda and Shomron. Others simply prefer to see the Jewish Nation disperse again from the Holy Land all over the Galut-Diaspora. Some are already practicing this outside Eretz Yisrael unJew mentality.

Sadly there are way too many such unJew examples. One perfect example for unJews are George Schwartz, now Soros and J Street members abroad, and in Israel ‘Peace Now’-Shalom Achshav-שלום עכשיו. Others to name are people like Abraham Burg, a former Knesset Speaker, the Jewish Agency Chairman and Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shlomo Ben Ami, Israel former Foreign Minister. There are others too, less known who have already settled outside of Eretz-Yisrael and renounced their Israeli status, thus turning into virulent anti-Semites constantly demonizing Israel.

The phenomenon of the untold harm unJews do to the Jewish Nation is not new; it goes back to Biblical times well depicted when the newly formed Israelite-Jewish Nation turned to an unJew conduct and built the Golden-Calf while making their way back home in Sinai desert. Such unJew episode caused a forty-years delay in entering the Promised Land of Israel.

One has to also reckon the fact that there have always been the erev-rav--mixed multitude and unJews factored into the Jewish Nation.

In David Ben Gurion’s Stalinist jargon, since day one, in Pre-State of Israel days, with their maneuvers, supported by the British and USSR linked, the unJews intentionally plotted to sabotage the Jewish Nation and the Jewishness of the State. Since the 1967 Six Days War such maneuvers elevated its aggressiveness and peaked at the Oslo Accords 20 years later.

Assaults against Jews and Jewish heritage in Israel and abroad have become institutionalized and has been made part of agreements with anti-Semitic people.

Today is the sovereign State of Israel there are widely known state financed special organizations’ operations solely dedicated to assault Jews and Jewish heritage. Among such state budgeted organizations are: the "Jewish Sektion" of Israel’s General Security Services-Shabak (Sherutei Bitachon Klalih), originally created by, who else, but Shimon Peres and is directed from the Prime Minister's Office. Then there is the black uniformed and well equipped "Yassan," a murderous paramilitary shock police regiment specialized on field assaults against boys, girls, women, elderly and other Jews. And then there is the "Gilboa" regiment part of the so called Israel Defense Force-IDF, a mix bag of mental basket cases, foreign non-Jews rumored and published to be “Chechnya sharpshooters." Lastly to name is a large numbers of tenured University "professors" whose inserts are mostly to persecute and harm Jews, which has been widely publicized and then silenced in Israel.

The unJew traitor class behavior in Israel and abroad only gives a free pass and triggers anti-Israel and anti-Semitism venomous behavior coming at Israel from the four corners of the world.

Abroad the anti-Semitism is spreading at full speed. Virtually the entire world has concluded that the State of Israel, thus Jews—the Jewish Lobby--are the principal cause for the Middle East impasse, and all other world perils and problems. Though it is frequently alleged that Israelis and Jews are responsible for the world turning against them, it is not true. It is simply the ancient anti-Semitism disease that is spreading like wild fire!

Anti-Semitism, which translates into hate the Jews, kill the Jews, has taken over the "enlightened" global public opinion now regards Israel as a rogue state and perhaps even a greater threat to world “peace” than North Korea or Iran!

The Arabs never won a war, but they won the minds and hearts of the entire world, including many in Israel. They convinced the world that they are the victims and Israel is the aggressor and the oppressor.

If Israel does not make a complete turn around of its internal and foreign policy Israel may be left with its tongue hanging out or worse.

The act of self preservation is upon Israelis and Jews. It can only be accomplished if we unequivocally and unquestionably unite and together we fight, with the most sincere drive to win, the anti-Semitism and the unJew disease.

I am looking for the ray of sunshine among the dark clouds. The sunshine will appear when Israelis and Jews everywhere, open up the umbrella of defense that will protect the nation from the rain the dark cloud above us is about unleash.

UNITED we stand and WIN!

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