Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hezbollah leadership split amid fears of fresh IDF attack

Jack Khoury
Haaretz Correspondent

The commanders of Hezbollah's military wing have leveled blistering criticism at the Shi'ite militant organization's civilian leadership, amid fears of Israel launching a fresh offensive in Lebanon, Lebanese news outlets have reported. During a conference the group held in recent weeks, a number of bitter disputes broke out over a series of different subjects, ranging from the causes of the Second Lebanon War to more contemporary issues, according to the Lebanese Web site Lebanon Now.

The military wing's commanders accused the group's civilian leaders of not distributing the necessary aid to thousands of refugees displaced during the 2006 conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, Lebanon Now reported.

The criticism reportedly stemmed from a desire in the military wing to avoid such a situation in the event of a new war with Israel.

According to reports, the commanders requested that officials in the Iran-backed group launch a comprehensive internal investigation, amid fears that a number of areas under Hezbollah's control in southern Lebanon are riven with administrative disorder.

Comment: Hizzbollah is not invincible and as any other human organization has its vulnerabilities. Their top leadership is under increased pressure from Iran as well as Lebanon. Internal strife and shifting social difficulties within the country they occupy are finally "bubbling"to the surface. Israel wil amp up the"fly overs" as well as some other actions to add to their upset. stay tuned, this is a developing story.

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