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White House crasher: So who is Tareq Salahi?

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Tareq Dirgham Salahi who crashed into the White House party is the son of Palestinian-Israeli parents! Can you imagine if Tareq was on a Jihad mission? No mention of it in the news!
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Tareq Dirgham Salahi (born May 26, 1968) is known for crashing, along with his wife Michaele, the November 24, 2009 White House state dinner in honor of visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.[1][2] Tareq is the son of Palestinian-Israeli parents, Dirgham and Corinne Salahi. Dirgham was educated as a petroleum geologist and worked in the Middle East and United States. He retired and settled in Virginia where he became manager of an estate farm which he then subsequently bought. The vineyard and winery were expanded and the estate developed so that ancilliary income could be brought in through use as a function and polo venue. Tareq is a graduate of the University of California, Davis. He is an accomplished polo player and, prior to a bitter family feud that bankrupted the operation, was the CEO & owner of Oasis Winery in Hume, Virginia.[3][4] Oasis Winery the equipment, trademark and licenses separate from the farm currently belongs to a partnership in which the Salahis are still involved and in charge of quality control, marketing and publicity.

Tareq Salahi married Michaele in 2003 in a lavish ceremony at St. Matthews Cathedral in Washington DC with 28 bridesmaids, 28 groomsmen, and, according to a video posted on YouTube and her Facebook page, enjoyed a reception at the Tareq family winery prepared by 46 chefs hosted in a 36,000 square-foot tent, capped off with a 30-minute fireworks display and an eight-foot wedding cake. The guest list included 1,836 guests featuring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, Sen. Mark Warner, and former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Margaret Heckler. The wedding originally scheduled for October 2002 was postponed numerous times prompting Kennedy to quip that he needed to issue "subpoenas" to the bride and groom.[2][3]

The Salahis are the co-chairs of America's Polo Cup[5][6] an event Tareq Salahi got off the ground. The current chief sponsor of which is Land Rover which with Jaguar Cars were recently sold by Ford Motors. Though traditionally British auto marques they currently belong to Tata Motors of Indian controlled by Indian industrialist Dr. Ratan Tata. Dr. Ratan Tata was one of the guests who were in attendance at the White House. It is doubtful Dr. Tata knew that the Salahis would bring this much attention. It is probable that the Salahis intent was publicising their event for their client rather than further applying for the TV show and did not fully anticipate the result of having a security clearance but not an invitation.

The Salahis have been involved in numerous controversies over the years including allegedly running a bogus charity, numerous fights with their neighbors, a bitter and protracted legal battle for control of the family winery, and allegedly failing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills for the America's Polo Cup on time.[7][2][8][9][4][10]

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