Friday, November 27, 2009

Israelis and Jews: Why does so much of the world hate us?‏

Nurit Greenger

My take:

Anti-Semitism is spreading at full speed. Did anyone ever stops to think that virtually the entire world has concluded that Israel-Jews are the principal cause for the Middle East impasse, and other world problems? Isi Leibler is asking whether Israelis have blinded themselves to the extent that they are like the inmate in a lunatic asylum who insists that everybody other than himself is insane? These are the people much of the world wants Israel to make peace with:

In the Gaza Strip, on the south-west border, the Palestinian terrorist entity Hamas that unequivocally demands the total destruction of the Jewish state and the physical extermination of Jews.

To the west, in what the Arabs call the ‘West Bank’, the Palestinian Authority (PA)-Fatah, headed by Mahmoud Abbas-Anu Mazen, a Holocaust denier and one of the masterminds of the 1972 massacre of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team. The world has adopted the nothing that the PA is a moderate partner for peace with Israel; yet, Abbas speaks with a forked tongue, and to this day still sanctifies suicide bombers as martyrs and provides their families with state pensions. Additionally, the PA-controlled media, its education system and mosques continue to promote the most abhorrent anti-Semitism and demand the dissolution of the Jewish state.

In spite and despite of the clear facts on the ground, most European states, as well as to an extent the USA, fully aware of these realities, apply double standards against the Jewish state. They either applauded or stood by while the Arabs and their allies accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza, despite the fact that the operation against Hamas was only launched after thousands of missiles and rockets had been directed at Israeli civilians for years. None of these countries would have tolerated one rocket coming from across their border and landing civilians.

There is one set of laws and rules that apply to the entire world, and one set of laws and rules that applies to Jews and Israelis only. One of those rules is that Jewish life must not be defended and Jewish blood is insignificant and can be spilt without defending it.

Hamas and Fatah are like al-Qaida…would the United States negotiate with al-Qaida or cease efforts to kill terrorists planning attacks against its civilians? NO, but Jews are different; them dead is just okay and just!

Anti-Semitism, which is hate the Jews, kill the Jews, has taken over the "enlightened" global public opinion now regards Israel as a rogue state and perhaps even a greater threat to world peace than North Korea or Iran!

Though it is frequently alleged that Israelis-Jews are responsible for the world turning against them, it is not true. It is the ancient anti-Semitism disease!

I do not believe Israel has a partner to peace; it has a partner to pieces of Israel unit it is vanished. Israel cannot get support and fair trial anywhere not event in the United Nations that is dominated by Israel’s enemies, now emboldened by the "enlightened" world public opportunism, bias and cowardice.

The only way Israel can achieve is by force:

1. No talking to Hamas of Fatah about thier "peace". Until they change their charter, change their anti-Semitic education system and show moral compass toward the Jew there is nothing to talk about. That will be the day!.

2. Israel must annex Shomron and Yehuda, NOW, and build like crazy.

3. Any terror or rocket attack, Israel must retaliate disproportionally, with vengeance.

4. Israel must work hard to get the Israeli Arabs on its side…FAST

Shalom, Nurit
Divided we FALL! UNITED we stand and WIN!

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