Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Stole Temple Mount From the Jewish Nation?

Nurit Greenger

These days the discourse in the Knesset revolves around the growing concern about Temple Mount-Har Habayit. That the Islamic Waqf, to whom Israel handed, with grace, the keys to the Holiest of Holy to Jews, is systematically destroying all evidence of the First and Second Temple they have found and want to make disappear. This, so the Jews will have no evidence to back their claim that Temple Mount-Har Habayit was ever Jewish, thus give more credit to the Moslems' claim that the site belongs to Islam only. Immediately after the Six Day War victory Moshe Dayan ordered to take the Israeli flag from Temple Mount and handed the keys to Har Habayit to the Waqf Trust, thus, in one idiotic gesture denied all Jews the right to pray on Har Habayit and gave the Arabs the right to destroy all evidencing Jewish history there.

In one gesture Dayan wiped off the victory of war; as if the Jewish Holiest of Holy was rendered to the enemy then the victory of war became valueless.

Moshe Dayan formidable action was guided by his nefarious core of Jews who had hardly any connection to Judaism, rather to a secularist Israel. Handing the keys to Temple Mount to the Arabs, who, in the nineteen years of them controlling the old section of Jerusalem, desecrated and/or burned every Jewish synagogue and grave yard, was the mightiest sin a Jew can make.

Since the Temple Mount sin…

The government of Israel abandoned the Joseph Mausoleum, accredited to Ehud Barak; suspended financial support to the upkeep of Rachel's Mausoleum, accredited to Netanyahu; suspended financial support for Ma'arat Hamachpelah-the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, the burial place of the Jewish Forefathers Abraham Jacob, and Isaac and the Foremothers, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah, accredited to Netanyahu. (The Matriarch Rachel was buried in Bethlehem as she died in childbirth there).

Legend and logic support that Adam and Eve rest in Ma'arat Hamachpelah as well.

There are, yet to be confirmed, reports that King David's and King Saul's burial locations have also been ceded to the Vatican, both accredited to Netanyahu.

Ceding control of Jewish holy places are not isolated "errors," made by innocent persons; these are acts of sabotage and high treason.

Today, the blame for not securing Temple Mount from Islamists damaging the archeological sites there and for not allowing Jews to pray on Temple Mount, falls on Prime Minister Netanyahu. However, unfortunately, he only continues a policy that begun by former Prime Ministers of Israel. The blame must also equally fall on the Israeli electorate for not demanding that Israel asserts her sovereignty over Temple Mount, to ensure that the archeological integrity of Temple Mount is protected and preserved and that Jews can, again, pray anywhere they want on Temple Mount.

Right now Moslem hooligans control Temple Mount and they intimidate the Israeli authorities to paralysis of action.

Perhaps, attempting to raise this issue, this time around, will catch fire, as it deservedly should, amongst the electorate and Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Knesset will be moved to assert full sovereignty over the Mount. We sincerely hope so.

As to the authority granted, in 1967, to the Moslem Waqf Trust, this authority should be pulled back, in part or in whole, as the guilty party and consequential to the Moslem desecration of the archeological evidence of Jewish history on the Holiest of Holy Jewish site.

As of today, the Israel authorities have not yet sought to withdraw the authority they granted the Waqf Trust.

Though there are valid reasons and alarming evidence to their crime that must lead to take away the caretaker Waqf's keys to Temple Mount, Israel has not tried to regain full sovereignty over the site.

Perhaps this time, the Israeli people wake up and demand of their government to assert Jewish sovereignty, where it belongs the most.

No Government of Israel will dare make such move, unless it knows it has the full support of the people. Even then you can well imagine the great risk of endless Arab violent reaction whether Arab-Israelis, Arab-Palestinians and in all likely the entire Muslim Middle East. After all, they controlling the holiest to Jews is a huge political victory, as nothing in Jerusalem means anything to the Moslems but political maneuvering against the Jews.

If this does not register, well, with the Jewish Nation, we will lose everything.

Post Judaism Israelis consider Temple Mount and the items in there to be "stones". For them Me'arat Hamachpelah, Kever (Tomb) Rachel, Kever (Tomb) Joseph, King David's Mausoleum, etc, are also "stones". They have no connection to our Jewish heritage, the Bible, and what these "stones" really mean to Jews.

When the government of Israel "disengage," whether from Jewish holy sites or throws Jews out of their homes, it is not a move, based on need for security, rather a sinister move to destroy what is Jewish and Jews.

In hindsight observation, forty-five after Moshe Dayan gave the Waqf the authority to destroy its Jewish history, we can openly say he made a horrible mistake; however, numerous Israeli administrations, from that time on, had many opportunities to make the change and bring back Israeli rule over Temple Mount. They did not. Perhaps because of the desire to keep the US off their back or the fear of Arab reaction or both. Now, when more than ever, the US appreciation of Israel is at an all time high, it is time to take control of Temple Mount, thus allowing prayer by all who want to pray there.

Or, it may come to the point, sooner than expected, when more people will join the claim that Israelis, and in particular post Judaism Jews, are simply unfit to govern the Land of Israel and even less, the Jewish people.

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