Friday, November 29, 2013

Mutuality and Unity Equates Solutions

Nurit Greenger
Teachers or politicians are not the key to changes; the profound understanding of the issue that requires the change, a common sense approach to it, followed by the right action is.
Respect is a mega key to commonality.
Clear understanding of both sides of the issue's spectrum is a solid base to bring about a resolution.
Feeling the pain and the happiness and the fear of the other side brings the sides closer.

The world is not painted black and white as so many think it is.
Power, authority and respect are important factors in bringing up children, when teaching, and in countries' relations. It is the most delicate base on which one stands. It is very easy to fall into the pit of preaching about being in a position of authority, as too many, whether leaders, politicians or people among us do. The one who manages to avoid falling into this pit gains. But the one who not only manages to avoid falling into this pit hole, but also manages to turn it around and make it into an important lesson about independent and critical thinking, understanding the complexities of history of the human being and country – will be rewarded, more so, will deposit with his/her students, audience, followers, invaluable and useful intelligence and intellect cargo.
When we learn these basic thoughts of approach to life and coexistence, we will begin painting the world white and black.
Gratitude is the mother of goodness and happiness.

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