Thursday, November 28, 2013

San Francisco State University Update: Kudos to California State Legislators for Condemning Campus Antisemitism

Nine California legislators have taken a brave and honorable stand in acknowledging and condemning antisemitic activity at San Fransisco State University.  On Monday, these assembly members and senators sent a letter to SFSU President Leslie Wong congratulating him for speaking out against a campus event glorifying the murder of Jews.

Today AMCHA co-founders sent the following letter to these nine legislators, thanking them for their strong stand against campus antisemitism:

Assemblymember Marc Levine
Senator Marty Block
Assemblymember Das Williams
Senator Carol Liu
Assemblymember Jose Medina
Senator Lois Wolk
Assemblymember Richard Bloom
Assemblymember Steve Fox
Senator Mark Leno

Dear California Assembly Members and Senators,

We are the co-founders of AMCHA Initiative, an organization dedicated to investigating, documenting, educating about and combatting campus antisemtism.

We would like to commend you for your letter to President Wong thanking him for denouncing the intolerant and antisemitic acts that took place at San Francisco State University during an event sponsored by the General Union of Palestine Students on November 7.  Like you, we applaud President Wong's courageous statement and appreciate his commitment to investigating this incident and addressing it appropriately.

In addition, we are grateful for your acknowledgement that the celebration of violence towards any group, including Jews, fosters a climate of prejudice and bigotry, which is "the antithesis of an institution of higher learning."


Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
Co-founder, AMCHA Initiative

Leila Beckwith
Co-founder, AMCHA Initiative

CC:   SFSU President Leslie Wong
          CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White
          CSU Board of Trustees
          Kenneth Monteiro, Dean of College of Ethnic Studies
          California Jewish community leaders

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