Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Obama Who Stole Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_dinner_1280x1024Progressives have already tried to ruin Thanksgiving by condemning it as a genocidal holiday commemorating European colonialism or by giving snippy little speeches about consumerism.

But they didn’t have a way to actually get into living rooms to ruin the holiday until now.

Not content that the price of a whole frozen turkey went up 37% under his economic policies, Obama decided to completely ruin Thanksgiving dinner by turning it into an angry debate about ObamaCare.

If you were hoping to eat your turkey in peace; forget about it. Michelle Obama not only wants to control your menu; she also wants to control the topic of your family dinner conversation by exhorting your more impressionable relatives to sell you on her husband’s substandard ObamaCare junk plans.

The “Health Care for the Holidays” page on, promoted by his wife, urges his remaining devoted followers to “pledge” to push ObamaCare on family members and advises “integrating the talk into family time.”

Because there’s nothing that says “family time” like teaching people to hijack family dinners to become used health care salesmen; offers sales tips like “Make it memorable,” “Be Persistent, but keep it positive” and “Find a quiet place.” That last tip will prevent other family members from hearing their screams of horror at the size of their new ObamaCare premiums and deductibles.
These aren’t tips for talking to family members; but for scamming them out of money. They’re the sort of crude sales techniques that MLM affiliates get in the mail. Be positive, be persistent and eventually you’ll sucker some poor idiot into an ObamaCare plan with a bigger deductible than the national debt.
And if the poor idiot is related to you… that just makes him an easier mark.
Doing its best to make ObamaCare seem like a creepy cult, Obama supporters are instructed to badger family members with cries of “Have you thought about signing up,” “Would you like to sign up now,” “When do you plan on signing up” and “Have you signed up yet.”
The only thing missing is; “If you don’t sign up for ObamaCare; I won’t love you anymore.”

But it’s not just Organizing for America, the rebirth of Obama’s 2012 campaign as a mutated Super PAC, that is working on ruining your Thanksgiving. MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post and the Washington Post have also gotten into the Thanksgiving Knockout Game.
The Washington Post offers a guide for convincing all your relatives that ObamaCare is working great because 12,000 people have signed up in Washington.
There’s tips for convincing your mom and dad that ObamaCare isn’t a disaster, persuading your grandfather that ObamaCare doesn’t have death panels, assuring your brother that he won’t lose his employer health plan, brushing off your uncle’s complaint about his health plan cancellation and convincing your cousin’s girlfriend who has a degree in Computer Science that she doesn’t know anything about what’s wrong with and should just shut up.
Not only will the Washington Post preemptively map out your family arguments for you; but the answer to each of them is that Obama is always right.
Even Pravda couldn’t have done any better.
The Los Angeles Times offers the only honestly dishonest liberal debating guide with debate tips like “Flatter your opponent,” “Argue by anecdote” and “Call out the other person for arguing by anecdote.”
And if any family members get sick of your Los Angeles Times approved plan to hijack Thanksgiving by coming to a prepared debate with an assistant to look up things for you on a smartphone while you anecdotally compare Republicans to Hitler; the Los Angeles Times also offers tips for handling “annoying peacekeepers” who say things like “Why don’t we just try to have a nice time on Thanksgiving?”
The nerve of these people trying to have a family dinner on Thanksgiving instead of a screaming match about ObamaCare; don’t they know that their attitude is ruining your progressive Thanksgiving?
But what if you’re a fanatical progressive who doesn’t think that berating family members about ObamaCare over Thanksgiving dinner is in the spirit of the holiday? There are other liberal causes that you can scream at them about.
Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns has a Thanksgiving turkey placemat to print out and shove at family members so that they too can “demand a plan.”
The Bloomberg Turkey (not legal in New York due to its size and transfat content) is less about selling your family members on trashing the Second Amendment and more about celebrating Bloomberg’s pet taxpayer-funded lobby with quizzes that ask how many races the “Washington Gun Lobby” has won and whether they live in a state that requires background checks for firearms purchases.
Leave it to Mayor Bloomberg to find a way to make the ObamaCare Thanksgiving sales pitch look like fun.
But what if talking about shooting people just doesn’t feel like appropriate Thanksgiving dinner conversation? There’s always killing babies.
Planned Parenthood has been giving out tips for promoting abortion at Thanksgiving for years. The handout urges Planners to avoid discussing “when life begins” and focus instead on shared values like everyone having the right to decide “whether to become a parent” or to carry a dead baby in a handbag to a Victoria’s Secret store.
Planned Parenthood urges framing abortion as a personal issue instead of a political issue. But whether it’s personal or political; the baby is still dead and Thanksgiving dinner is still ruined.
But what if you don’t want to limit yourself to just one way of ruining Thanksgiving?
The Democratic National Committee has gotten into the fun with YourRepublicanUncle; a site that promises to do for Thanksgiving what the Democratic Party already did for America.
There are tips for debating family members on every liberal cause. Don’t just settle for screaming at your uncles about abortion, ObamaCare or ObamaCare’s abortions.
The Democratic National Committee also wants you to scream at family members about the economy, immigration and global warming with crazy lies claiming that Obama’s increase of the National Debt from 10 trillion to 17 trillion is actually a dramatic decrease, that ObamaCare saves businesses money and that illegal alien amnesty isn’t amnesty.
Despite all the energy being poured into turning Julia into the best community organizer that she can be; none of these debate preps are really about winning arguments. The debate prep comes packaged with heavy doses of contempt for “older” conservative relatives. The real theme isn’t winning arguments, but maintaining the mental bubble in which Obama supporters live when they go outside their natural urban liberal environment.
ObamaCare’s target population is the young. The debate prep is really about convincing them not to question ObamaCare by injecting a bunch of talking points directly into their brains and reinforcing their contempt for everyone who disagrees as a bunch of ignorant racist old people who don’t know nearly as much about health care as the guy who didn’t know that his entire health care plan was a turkey.
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