Sunday, August 26, 2007

America, please get some courage-the danger is rising

The Islamic Liberation Party recently held mass rallies in Al-Bireh and other cities in the Palestinian Authority. It has no military wing, but, its radical Islamic ideology and global deployment make it a source for the potential recruitment for Islamic terrorist organizations in the PA-administered territories and around the world.

1. On August 10 and 11, 2007, the Islamic Liberation Party (Hibz ut-Tahrir in Arabic) held a series of mass rallies in Al-Bireh, Hebron , Tulkarm and Gaza City . The rallies are held annually by the HuT during the first half of August throughout the Arab-Muslim world.

2. The largest and most impressive rally in the PA-administered territories was held in Al-Bireh. Chartered buses brought 10,000 people from all over Judea and Samaria and even some Israeli Arabs . During the rally in Tulkarm the HuT announced that it was beginning a youth movement in Judea and Samaria called Ashbal al- Khilafah (“Lion Cubs of the Caliphate”)

3. According to the media, the HuT also held a book fair (possibly also in Al-Bireh) at which the party's ideological material was distributed.3. The slogan of the rally in Al-Bireh on August 10 was “ The Caliphate is the rising force .” Telephone speeches given by party leaders in several countries (including Turkey and Pakistan ) were relayed by loudspeaker. A recorded speech was also broadcast, given by Ata' Khalil Abu al-Rushtah , the party's leader (“Amir”), currently in Lebanon after having been released from a Jordanian prison. Abu al-Rashta is Jordanian but his family came from Hebron . In 2003, when party leader Abd al-Kadim Zallum died, Abu al-Rashta replaced him. Zallum was also from Hebron and was one of the party's founders.

4. The speakers at the rally in Al-Bireh related to the liberation of “ Palestine ,” but noted that “the liberation of the lands of Palestine from the hands of the occupiers” would be realized only when the Islamic Caliphate had been restored . Party leader Abu al-Rushtah noted the importance of restoring the Caliphate, which he claimed had been destroyed by the West (in effect it was dissolved by Ataturk). Yilmaz Čelik , the party spokesman in Turkey , called for “…the liberation of the Muslim land from the infidel imperialist forces of the Americans, British, French, Russian, Indian and Chinese who have occupied Muslim lands.” Nafiz Butt, the party spokesman in Pakistan , called the establishment of an Islamic state the path to victory for Muslims and Palestinians (Ma'an News Agency, August 11).

5. Yahya Ayyash headed the operative-terrorist wing of Hamas in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. He specialized in the preparation of explosive charges and dispatching suicide bombers in the years 1994-1996, with the clear purpose of undermining the Oslo Accords, signed in 1993. He was codenamed “The Engineer” since he had a degree in Electric Engineering from Bir Zeit University , and used the knowledge he gained during his studies to manufacture the explosive charges used by the suicide bombers. Yahya Ayyash was responsible for killing some 55 Israeli civilians and injuring some 430 in a series of particularly devastating terrorist attacks that struck the cities of Israel . He died in a retaliatory targeted killing by the Israeli security forces on January 5, 1996.

6. The HuT is a radical Islamic political movement, founded in Jordan in East Jerusalem in 1952 and officially established in 1953 without formal legal Jordanian authorization. Its founder was Taki al-Din al-Nabhani , a judge in the Shari' court in Jerusalem , who was born in the village of Ijzim , which is today Kerem Maharal (on the western slopes of the Carmel mountain range).

7. The party's objective was to restore the Islamic Caliphate dissolved by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk in 1924 and to impose the dictates of Islamic law (the Shariah) on its populace. That was to be done by indoctrinating them with its worldview in preparation for revolutions against secular Islamic regimes. That would be done either by enlisting the elite (such as army officers) or by assassinating the regimes' leaders, which is why the party has been persecuted by most of the regimes in the Arab-Muslim world.

8. The HuT is in favor of “the liberation of Palestine ,” that is, the destruction of Israel through jihad, and firmly opposes a political settlement with Israel . However, according to its ideology, that is not the duty of an individual or of a Muslim government, but only of the Islamic Caliphate when it is restored . Therefore, as an organization the party is not involved in the terrorist activities of the Palestinian terrorist organizations or of the global jihad (although in the past it has expressed sympathy for the attacks carried out by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad). It tries to realize its world view by long-term preaching (the da'wah ) to the Palestinian population in the PA-administered territories and among Islamic communities around the world, alongside its political and welfare activities , whose objective is to bring it popular support.

9. When the party was established it was persecuted by the Jordanian government, which kept it from operating. From Jordan it spread to most of the Arab and North African countries, to Turkey and Iran . It also spread to the Muslim countries in Southeast and Central Asia ( Indonesia , Bangladesh and Uzbekistan 5), Muslim communities in Europe (particularly in Britain and Germany ) and in North America, 6Australia and Japan . According to the data available, the party has representatives in no less than 45 countries around the globe.7

More tomorrow-stop with the political correctness! Our enemy is telling us what they plan to do-we are avoiding the confrontation. They realize democracies weakness is our desire to not offend or confront or stand up for our Values-please get some courage!

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