Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hamas unveils documents revealing collaboration between PA security and enemy

Comment:This is all about "winning the hearts and minds" of Arab leaders. Hamas is putting Fatah's own actions before the international Arab leadership and placing them in a dangerous position. Hamas is being very clever and only time will tell if this play ends in its favor. More on this strategy another time

GAZA, (PIC)-- Hamas has uncovered, on Thursday, more documents that prove the collaboration of the previous PA security agencies in Gaza with spy agencies of foreign countries. Said Seyam, former Interior Minister, said: "The [former] PA Preventive Security Apparatus and the [former] PA General Intelligence Apparatus spied on the resistance in terms of their training camps, their arms, their cadres and supplied the information to enemy intelligence agencies both Zionist and Western. This was followed by the bombing of a number of positions, cars and homes which were associated with the resistance."

He also proved using documents that the two apparatuses were involved in spying on a number of leaders and wanted activists both political and military including Dr. Abdel-Aziz al-Rantisi, Adnan al-Ghoul and Muhammad Daif as well as the Hamas office which was frequented by Sheik Ahmad Yassin.

He also revealed that those apparatuses did coordinate with Israeli, American and other foreign spy agencies since 1997, providing them with information on Islamic activists in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Those apparatuses were also involved in embroiling a number of former ministers, lawmakers and high ranking officials in sex scandals in order to blackmail them, Seyam said during the press conference he held in Gaza on Thursday.

Seyam also revealed that those apparatuses were involved in spying on Arab and Muslim countries, adding that documents to this effect will be forwarded to the concerned parties in the Arab and the Muslim world.

He also revealed orders made by Abbas to the General Intelligence Apparatus in which he orders the killing of any resistance fighter trying to fire a homemade rocket at Israeli occupation settlements.

He also showed the minutes of a meeting between chiefs of the former PA preventive security and CIA officers in which they discuss ways of spying on Muhammad al-Daif, general commander of the Qassam Brigades. Amongst the suggestions made was bugging Daif's car and mobile phone.

The minutes mention the name John, representing the CIA who suggested a present in the form of a cigarette ashtray which will be bugged.

Seyam commented on this saying that if any information reaches the CIA then it definitely reaches the Israeli occupation.

The minutes of another meeting with Mark and Tom from the CIA discuss ways of spying on Dr. Abdel-Aziz al-Rantisi, the prominent Hamas leader who was assassinated by the Israeli occupation. Tom also suggests entering Sheikh Ahmad Yassin's office to survey it and plant bugs in the office.

Seyam also revealed cooperation between the former PA preventive security, the CIA and British intelligence to conspire against Hamas.

He also revealed the help PA security extended to the Israeli occupation to assassinate many leaders and military activists.

These contacts did not stop even when Hamas formed the government as officers of the PA security held meetings with Italian, Spanish and British agents, without the knowledge of the government, during which information about the resistance and Hamas in particular was divulged.

Seyam also revealed a plan prepared by the PA security to thwart Hamas in the West Bank, mainly through assassination of prominent activists.

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