Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apologizing for Arab despotic elites is a crime against humanity.

US relations with the Arabs are based on false foundations from the outset. Arabs are ruled by tyrannical regimes that have no respect for basic human rights and blame the world for their internal social, political, religious and economic massive failures . The US is a democratic society where people’s rights are protected by the rule of law and bill of rights. Ambassador Freeman’s piece missed this defining point intentionally. The bubble ruptured in the Arab East, not because of US invasion of Iraq, but because of oppression, isolation, poverty and lack of political participation by the masses to determine their destiny and the future of their societies.
Apologizing for Arab despotic elites is a crime against humanity. Their institutions are responsible for the making of aimless and hopeless young men who wrap themselves in explosives and pull the fuse in the middle of employment lines and places of worship. Freeman can best serve this nation and humanity by exposing Arab regimes’ brutality against their people.

One of the people who I am associated with in the AKFL Dr Ali Alyami, Executive Director, The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, recently wrote to the Editor of The Globalist the above piece.

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