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Hillary Clinton INVITES Islamic UN Nations to Discuss Intolerance – Ours, Not Theirs: Clinton Position on Benghazi Becomes Clearer

United Nations Resolution 16/18 prohibits “discrimination based on religion or belief.” Our Constitution’s First Amendment was not enough for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. What she knows about Islam and women, was not enough for Hillary Clinton. Resolution 16/18 passed in 2011, and a last minute change put the emphasis on “incitement to violence.” The Resolution is not enough for the UN. Lobbying for a blasphemy treaty is underway.
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama

In December 2011, long before the September 11th attack on our Benghazi, Libya Consulate, Clinton invited the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation an oxymoron) to a meeting to discuss our intolerance to their religion, what can be done about it – and how to implement the plan to punish all who offend Muslims.

Resolution 16/18 does nothing for our offense at the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi. Instead, Clinton used the “incitement” provision that was an OIC primary goal against the US – claiming baldly, incitement by the YouTube video that in truth incited nothing.

U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 was negotiated between the Obama Administration and Egypt, a prominent member of the Saudi-championed Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Resolution 16/18 was purportedly a compromise between advocates of a resolution condemning “defamation of religions” and those who were concerned that such a resolution would threaten freedoms of expression and religion. The Council adopted Resolution 16/18 in March 2011. Source
Denver Post, September 24, 2012:
Last week, the 56-nation Organisation of Islamic Cooperation signaled it wanted an international ban on blasphemy, echoing calls from many Islamic clerics and some government leaders adter the film, made with private money in the United States, sparked widespread anti-Western protests.
The Denver post article credits Clinton for heading an “offensive” to lead the IOC to accept non-binding resolutions. Isn’t that special? Now, the IOC, with the help of Clinton’s pandering to terrorism in Benghazi by denying it and blaming an American video producer, expects a renewed push for a “treaty.”
In July 2011, Clinton also met with the OIC’s Islamic Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture which somehow equates to the acronym IRCICA.
Clinton is concerned about Islamic Culture, but not because it is brutal, and the men she hosts in the OIC treat women like goats, but because you and I might be intolerant enough to talk about those goats. As we have seen all too clearly this week, when Clinton immediately and hotly blamed an American for the Benghazi murders, she has no tolerance for us. She could have easily given Obama’s Cairo apology speech. She wouldn’t have needed a teleprompter.
Clinton is out to take care of the entire Muslim world and particularly those walking the halls of the UN building, minus the women and girls (and the little boys and the goats). No, I’m not forgetting Clinton’s Muslim senior aide, Huma Abedin Weiner. Huma, installed securely inside the State Department, must be useful in a number of ways.
Speaking at the UN this week, Obama said the way to the future was not through slandering the prophet Mohammad. As RedState pointed out, a Christian’s belief that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, is slandering Islam. Islam says their god Allah is the same as our Christian God, but our God is the same God of the Jews, which Islam continually slanders, blasphemes and plans to exterminate. Understand that Muslims born in, or living in a Muslim country, do not have the right to leave the religion which is a government first, before it is a “religion.” The devout Muslim living in a free country can avoid and ignore the Koran’s plan for infidels, but when an Imam demands adherence, neither you or I know what that moderate will do. The “devout” cannot embrace moderation. The Koran doesn’t allow it.
Do you know of one Islamic country which respects and protects Christians, Jews, Buddhist or even atheists? No. I don’t either. In general, Islamic countries have no respect for Muslims, unless that Muslim holds power. Note: If you are confused by the OIC, it was the Organization of the Islamic Conference before it was the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  Photo courtesy of Mike’s America Many thanks to FaceBook friend Janet Meyerhof Blaze.

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