Sunday, September 30, 2012

What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas Lifson

After giving advanced weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, only to have them recycled and turned against us later, and after arming the anti-Gaddafi rebels in eastern Libya, only to suffer an RPG attack on our Benghazi consulate, now we are giving drones to the people currently in charge in Yemen. What could possibly go wrong?
Casey L. Coombs of  Aviation Week reports:
Amid a series of controversial U.S. air strikes against high-level Al-Qaeda officials in the Arabian Peninsula, and renewed military cooperation with Yemen, officials in Sanaa are now expecting to get a supply of weaponry from the Pentagon, including four of their own UAVs.

An anonymous Yemeni defense official, who was not authorized to speak with the press, tells Aviation Week that Yemen is receiving four AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven UAVs. The 1.9-kg Raven is equipped with sensors for target acquisition, and infrared cameras capable of displaying persons carrying weapons.
"This type of technology would be very appropriate for Yemen's frontline military units because it provides real-time intelligence from the battlefield to launch strikes while minimizing troops' exposure to surprise attacks," according to Aysh Awas, director of security and strategic studies at Sheba, a think tank here in the Yemeni capital.
The equipment marks a significant change in U.S. military cooperation with Yemen, which was suspended until earlier this year. Moreover, the U.S. Defense Department traditionally has kept a close hold on any UAV technologies, exporting them almost exclusively to close Western allies.
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Odd, they are not very expensive, hand launched. Hardly noteworthy. What bothers me more than another psycho arab nation with more munitions is that it passing ITAR controlled technology to a denied entity. Once again, were going to hand over flight control technology to someone whom will eventually use it against us.
Oh well, no matter. Litton sold space guidance systems to China under Clinton in exchange for reelection money. Funny, the commies always said the Capitalist would sell the rope to hang ourselves. They were partly right. Not the Capitalists but the democrat party which simultaneously personifies the utter apex of greed while professing the cause of justice and frugality and of course, the little man.
The democrats are a lie so massive even Joseph Goebbels could only dream.

I realize that we have the most inept, irresponsible, incompetent group of aging hippies that have ever had the misfortune to become government Ummpa Lumpas but really. Have all the adults left the building? Is there not one career civil servant to raise the cry of "What the Heck, over? " We might as well hand the government over to our teenagers because it's obvious that the "adults" now in charge have contracted Dementia or Alzheimers, or Brain Freeze (from too many smoothies). We don't need to voter them out, we need to put them in a home where they can't hurt themselves with sharp things like envelopes and Q-tips.

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