Saturday, September 29, 2012

Islamophobia-a western perspective

In addition to “Islamophobia,” the earnest employment of the term blasphemy, and its advancement by Islam’s apologists as a tenable concept, is a clear enemy of open and secular society. Free expression, which constitutes the bedrock of the West’s process of deliberating controversial questions of value, cannot be balanced or reconciled with the idea of sacred and unchallengeable beliefs, since it contradicts the first principle of free speech: that even the most profane dissent must be protected. Most importantly, the creeping influence of terms like blasphemy and Islamophobia is undignifying to both Muslims and non-Muslims for two reasons...

The strategic construction of “Islamophobia,” which is rooted in the word Islam and not Muslim, serves more than a mere lexical purpose. It is designed foremost to associate voluntary religious belief with involuntary skin color, appealing to widespread and legitimate revulsion to racial prejudice, and further to equate bigotry against Muslims with criticism of Islam, blurring any distinction between these two very different actions...

Beyond its intrusion upon intellectual inquiry, blind tolerance of anti-Western attitudes in the form of fundamentalist Islam has direct repercussions for the health and security of the West...

Now some comments worth consideration:
Islamic theology teaches hatred of nom-Muslims. It also encourages devout Muslims to commit violence in the name of Islam.
This Islamic inspired violence can be seen daily in the news by anyone willing to admit reality.
Islamophobia is nothing more than a prejudicial word used by Muslim and Muslim apologists to stop discussion of the facts about Islam.

--muslims are people;islam is the ideology.this article makes reference to islam the ideology;this ideology is hostile to non muslims.muslims themselves can differ from the ideology itself.

--Islamophobia, a term coined by Al-smack after 911. Why they were scared via the anger from western Muslims horrified at what the 911 attackers did, now that term is used by apologists of Islam globally against those of us who are sick to death of the demands of Wahhabists and Salafists. It's not a phobia when Muslims in Canada demand Sharia Law, when they turn cafeterias into Wahhabi Mosques, when females are murdered in Canada via honour killings, the rise and normalization of gendercide by Muslims, last but not least their current demands to criminalize blasphemy of Islam. It's not a phobia, it's self defense of western culture to fight against the fanatics who fought for none of our freedoms and liberties but fight to destroy them.

--I agree completely. These terms are used against people usually for one reason, that being to shut down discourse. It is a PC way to bully and shame people who may hold different views. They are used as a weapon and more people need to recognize them as such and refuse to be intimidated by them.

--he same people who criticize (mainly) Westerners for embodying the traits of Islamophobia are often moderate Muslims.
These same people are silent, or even absent, when their more violent and orthodox co-religionists think it's OK to storm a U.S. embassy and murder people, to riot in the street, etc.
To those people who stay silent over violence and express outrage over perceived attacks against Muhammad, who isn't Allah, it should be noted, but a prophet, I say thus:
You are a hypocrite. And you are a coward.

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