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Catholic Diocese of Worcester submits, cancels Robert Spencer speech

Bowing to sharia with the help of The Boston Globe.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester rescinded an invitation Wednesday to Robert Spencer, a Catholic whose work depicts Islam as an inherently violent religion, to speak at its annual Catholic Men’s Conference in March.
The invitation was withdrawn after Muslims in Massachusetts expressed concerns to the diocese about the appearance of Spencer, scheduled to be a featured speaker at the DCU Center on March 16.
Before posting much of the Boston Globe’s diatribe, read Robert Spencer’s post where he elaborates on Lisa Wangsness’ biases, via Jihad Watch, Boston Globe does victory dance after engineering cancellation of Robert Spencer talk.
A small snippet, but worth reading in its entirety:

My work depicts Islam the way Islam is depicted in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and by Muslim leaders around the world. I just report on what they say. If they say Islam is inherently violent, and they do, in hundreds of ways, every day, in all parts of the globe, then I report on that. This is a very common Islamic supremacist tactic to try to deflect attention away from the numerous calls to hatred of and violence against Infidels by Muslim clerics: to claim that non-Muslim foes of jihad and Islamic supremacism are “linking Islam to terrorism” in some unacceptable and illegitimate way when they report on how Muslim clerics link Islam to terrorism. And here we have a Boston Globe reporter using their tactic.
They “expressed concerns,” all right. They “expressed concerns” in a highly defamatory screed that you can read here. No one in the diocese of Worcester made any attempt to verify its charges. They just fell in line without question, like good dhimmis.
Note also that I have been told that Lisa Wangsness herself, the Boston Globe reporter, exhorted people to call the diocese of Worcester and ask that my talk be canceled. She denies this, but I don’t know why my sources would invent such a story if it weren’t true. It’s extraordinarily irresponsible behavior from a “journalist,” of course, but journalistic integrity is pretty much a thing of the past these days, and virtually all mainstream media journalists are propagandists for causes rather than objective reporters, so I am not all that surprised.
Jihad Watch also notes that the Boston Globe was instrumental in the cancellation, relying on a supporter of a convicted Muslim terrorist, via Diocese of Worcester canceled Robert Spencer talk at insistence of self-proclaimed “friend and supporter” of convicted jihad terrorist Tarek Mehanna
An organization called Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) does research on Islamic supremacists and what they describe as “false moderates” – mostly in New England, where they are based.
Their president, Charles Jacobs, sent me information about Abdul Cader Asmal, who wrote a libelous and hysterical screed to the diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts demanding that they cancel my appearance at a Catholic Men’s Conference coming up this March 14. I posted it in full here. Asmal turns out to be a self-proclaimed friend and supporter of a convicted jihad terrorist, Tarek Mehanna, who is currently serving 17½ years in federal prison for aiding Al Qaeda.
Boston Globe reporter Lisa Wangsness went to Asmal for comment on my appearance and, according to reports I received, exhorted him and others to contact the diocese and demand that my appearance be canceled. Asmal claimed in his diatribe to the diocese that I was a “hatemonger” — yet he openly proclaims his friendship with and support for a convicted jihad terrorist.
Why is Wangsness going to a friend of a convicted jihad terrorist for comment? Here’s an insight into clue her biases: Jacobs also told me that when Mehanna was arrested, Jacobs and his Director of Research sat with Wangness for over two hours, providing her with information about Mehanna’s associates and friends in the Boston area. The information they gave her included the following:
1. That several Islamic leaders in Massachusetts were actively supporting Tarek Mehanna. Among those mentioned specifically to Wangness were the leadership of the ISBCC/MAS (the Boston mosque) and Abdul Cader Asmal – the very people Wangness recruited to silence me.
2. The ISBCC/MAS leadership has long-standing ties to Islamic supremaciism and jihad terrorism.
3. The ISBCC has been funded by Saudi and other Gulf sources, some with jihad terror connections.
4. The ISBCC/MAS is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Boston area.
How much of this did Wangsness follow up on, investigate, and publish? Absolutely none of it. And then she went to Abdul Cader Asmal and cast him in the role of the wounded “moderate” outraged by my “Islamophobia.”
The mainstream media isn’t interested in truth, but only in propaganda, and has allied itself with the enemies of the United States. Lisa Wangsness is just the latest among many, many, many examples of this.
And meanwhile, Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester has not even had the courtesy to respond to my requests for a meeting. Nor has any diocesan official. Must not offend the friends of jihad terrorists, doncha know.
Please contact the diocese of Worcester and let them know, politely and courteously, that you disapprove of their capitulation to Islamic supremacists and refusal to give me an opportunity to answer their charges or get a fair hearing.
Spokesman for the diocese Raymond Delisle:
Bishop Robert McManus:
Diocese of Worcester: 508-791-7171

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