Friday, September 27, 2013

Op-Ed: Don't Just Negotiate with Terrorists, Reward Them

The Oslo Syndrome has spread its catastrophic shadow on Netanyahu.

On 5 September 1972, when barbaric Palestinian terrorists (funded by the then-terrorist paymaster, and now Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas), held Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic 1972 Games captive, the then-Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir appealed to other countries to "save our citizens and condemn the unspeakable criminal acts committed."
She also stated that "if we [Israel] should give in, then no Israeli anywhere in the world shall feel that his life is safe... it's blackmail of the worst kind."

On 1 August 2013, Tzipi Livni, speaking to Channel 10 News after meeting with PA negotiator Saeb Erekat in Washington earlier in the week, said that the 104 terrorists Israel agreed to free would be released in small groups - and only if the PA shows that it is serious during the negotiations.
She elaborated and further stated, “The bereaved families feel this conflict in the most painful way, but to me, releasing such terrorists when there is a gun pointed at our heads in exchange for a soldier or for dead bodies, is much worse from a national perspective."
Tzipi Livni is enabling and freeing the very same monster Palestinian Arab terrorists Golda Meir fought and killed.
The evil monsters who planned and perpetrated the kidnapping and murder of the IDF Sergeant Tomer Hazan of Bat Yam, 20, in Samaria on Friday (may he rest in peace) aren't the only people responsible for his gruesome death.  The Palestinian Arab terrorists were directly responsible, but they had lots of enablers - in the form of those Israelis and American Jews who brought us the Oslo Murder Process.
Strings of Democratically-elected Israeli governments and hundreds of millions of dollars of American Left-wing Jewish money have taught the world to appease bloodthirsty terrorists with more land to better murder more Israelis (and Americans as well).  For, if Islamic terrorism can fool Israel, it will surely work against Washington, DC (let alone the EU).
Israel has taught the world a new norm: Don't just negotiate with terrorists who murder you, reward them with land and money (so they can more easily murder more of you).  By Israel turning Arafat into a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Israel has created a precedent for accepting the delusion of peace that hides the reality of a one-way war of annihilation by your enemies.
Israel's Orwellian lesson to the Western World is to call your enemy's war on you "peace."  Better yet, create a murderously false peace like President Shimon Peres did, and  you become world-famous and can fund a huge foundation.
For, if it is kosher for Rabin and Peres to talk to Israelis about turning Arafat into a "man of peace," then it is even more kosher for President Obama to talk to the world about turning Iranian President Rouhani into another "man of peace."
Israel's current negotiations are the perfect legitimizing precedent and backdrop for Obama to sign a false nuclear agreement with Iran.  Did Netanyahu believe a single word Arafat agreed to by Arafat's signature at the Wye Plantation that gave up vital Israeli land in Judea and Samaria?  No, he couldn't have..
Aren't Israel's current Palestinian Authority negotiations a total fraud?  Of course they are.  So, if the prime minister can sign a false Wye peace agreement with the wanton terrorist Arafat, and also currently conduct "peace" talks with wanton terrorist Abbas, why can't Obama sign a false peace agreement with the wanton terrorist Rouhani?  Netanyahu can't warn the world that "Rouhani is lying," when he knows that Abbas is lying as well.

Who are worse? The Hamas terrorists who honestly and openly admit they want to annihilate Israel, or the PA terrorists who cloak themselves in western suits but all the while secretly plan to annihilate Israel?
Gilad Shalit is alive and free.  But today, Jews all over the world have only just begun to pay for negotiation with the Hamas terrorists and their partners, the PA arch-terrorists.  What's even more perverse is that Israel rewards the PA terrorists for overtly lying to them, and giving the sham appearance that the PA wants peace.
Who are worse?  The Hamas terrorists who honestly and openly admit they want to annihilate Israel, or the PA terrorists who cloak themselves in western suits but all the while secretly plan to annihilate Israel?
What Peres and Livni will bring to Israel is not just the one Gilad Shalit in Gaza, they will bring hundreds of future Gilad Shalits who will be kidnapped from Tel Aviv and slipped into Livni's Palestinian Arab State.  What they will bring Jews everywhere is the new killing field of Tel Aviv.
Is Israel going to reinvade a Palestinian Arab state in search of a future “Gilad Shalit” who is kidnapped and secreted into it?  Of course not!
Are NATO or American "Peacekeepers" going to forcefully shoot their way into the Palestinian Arab fortified and heavily-armed safe houses in search of kidnapped Israeli soldiers?  Of course not.
So, the Israeli government's demand for a  "Demilitarized Palestinian West Bank State” is a fraud perpetrated on the Jewish people and the world.
Livni prevaricates to Israelis and American Jews because she hopes to claim an ephemeral “success”, one, however, which will threaten Israel's existence.
Golda Meir’s words were just a bit too Israel-centric.  What she really should have said is that "if we [Israel] should give in, then no human being of any nationality, race, or religion anywhere in the world shall feel that his life is safe... it's blackmail of the worst kind."

By Israel's appeasement of the  Palestinian Arab terrorists, Israel has made kosher the international appeasement of Islamist terrorists all over the world.
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