Monday, September 30, 2013

"Starving" "Palestinians" celebrate opening of five-star hotel

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Hey, this thing will be great for firing rockets off the roof at Israeli civilians!
"Grand Park Hotel Celebrates Being First Five-Star Hotel in Palestine," from the Palestine News Network, September 25 (thanks to Maxwell):
The headquarters of the Grand Park hotel in Ramallah celebrated its coronation as the first "Five-Star" hotel in Palestine. The celebration was attended by Rula Maay’a, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Musa Hadid, the Mayor of Ramallah, the hotel’s Chairman Loay Qawas, and its General Director, Mohammad Zamlat. There was also a crowd of businessmen and representatives from many institutions. The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Rula Maay’a, said during her speech at the ceremony, "tourism is the most important source of income for Palestine.” She added, “we started the implementation of several projects over the past years, including the ‘Star rating,’ which was implemented over three phases.” Maay’a explained, “the first phase included preparations of standards that met international requirements and principles, while the second phase included holding sessions for the employees of the hotel sector to inform them about the rating mechanism, and the third phase, which began last June, was the actual classification of hotels.”

Maay’a said the rating includes hotels in all provinces of the country, including Jerusalem. Also, she expressed her hope that the classification of all hotels would be completed soon.
Musa Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah, considered the rating of Grand Park as the first ‘Five-Star’ hotel in Palestine to be an achievement, not only for the owners of the hotel, but also for the city as a whole. He added, “This step must continue to cover other fields of tourism," calling on the ministry to give more importance to Ramallah, despite the city not being categorized as a religious or historical site.

In his speech, Grand Park’s Chairmam [sic], Loay Qawas explained the various improvements that were made ​​to the hotel, including the renovation of the rooms and hosting of a number of famous Arab chefs from various regional countries. He also expressed his hope that the hotel would provide distinctive service that meet the expectations its guests.
Grand Park’s General Director, Mohammad Zamlat, said that the procedure of rating was not easy. He added that constant efforts were made ​​from different parties, until Grand Park achieved international ranking. During his speech he mentioned that the hotel has hosted leading artists and guests of Palestine.
Zamlat also said, “a few days ago, we witnessed the birth of a new tourist facility on the land of Bethlehem, and that is the Grand Park Hotel, and so we welcome all institutions and tourism companies to build bridges with us, in order to serve tourism in Palestine.”

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