Thursday, October 10, 2013

Obama comes out strongly for the Muslim Brotherhood, suspends hundreds of millions in military and other aid to Egypt

Jihad Watch

This is essentially an attempt to force the Egyptian people to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power, or face the wrecking of the Egyptian economy. Obama is blackmailing Egypt to force it to become a Sharia state.
"State Department: US suspending hundreds of millions in military and other aid to Egypt," from the Associated Press, October 9:
WASHINGTON (AP) — State Department: US suspending hundreds of millions in military and other aid to Egypt.
The following are comments left on JW site-read and learn what people understand and do not understand about terrorist groups-those who are truly ignorant avoid learning about the mind set  individuals in these groups-they do NOT hold western human values-until you wrap your head around this basic truth there will be ongoing lack of perception of what the west is truly battling.

 As unpopular as the preceding statement is among my friends and family I go on record with it-prior to living in the middle East, prior to having so many different experiences with "other cultures" I did not comprehend thenature of the difficulty.  I do now and can appreciate those who simply do not know.  However, I have lost my tolerance for those who do not know making accusations to me, invalidating my beliefs, discounting the plethora of evidence offered in support the aforementioned statement and the abject unwillingness to even consider or more importantly investigate said claim. We are in a war based solely upon ideology-there is no room for the western concept of "political correctness" even though our enemies use the concept against us and play to Western inabilities to support their values-note that our enemies have no, none, nada of this same concern.
Read some of the following comments to the posted piece by Jihad Watch:

That may well be Obama's intention, but personally I see this as a step in the right direction. The civilised West should stop ALL aid to barbaric mohammedan countries.
I would like to see all trade stopped too, and the repatriation of all mohammedans currently infesting the West. Leave them to stew in their own juice, and refuse all dealings with them until they make themselves fit to join us.
It's not going to happen, but I can dream...
History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government Obama State Dept. purges Christian persecution from Human Rights Reports

Just when the Egyptian army is cleaning up the terrorists in Sinai, we cut off military aid. Isn't that lovely. I don't know how Obama could foul things up worse than he already has, but I'm confident he'll find a way.
On another note, my mother's surgeon is 'Dr. Islam'. No kidding. And I love this guy. He's got a great bedside manner. If he goes to mosque, then he's a walking advertisement for the religion.
I know, you're going to tell me that he's a great guy *in spite* of his religion, not because of it. Maybeso. If they were all like him, we'd have no problems. I can hope.

Is Obama's decision to suspend aid now an attempt to influence the trial of Morsi?
Egypt's Mohammed Morsi to stand trial in November

Aardvark wrote:
That may well be Obama's intention, but personally I see this as a step in the right direction. The civilised West should stop ALL aid to barbaric mohammedan countries.
Agreed, Aardvark—but that *is not* what is going on here. Notice that Obama did not suspend aid when the *Muslim Brotherhood took over* in Egypt.
This isn't Obama pulling aid because Egypt is too Islamic—but because it *isn't Islamic enough*.

It is arguable that any POTUS would have to suspend aid to Egypt for form's sake (fostering democracy and all that jazz even though doing such in a Muslim nation is a futile effort if ever there were one.) Problem here though is that Obama is not doing this for understandable Realpolitik, Machiavellian reasons. No, not at all. Rather, he is doing this because he really sees nothing wrong with the Muslim Brotherhood and thinks Morsi and his fellow MB control-freaks are just fine, even though the Egyptian military and millions of Egyptians know full well that the MB is bad stuff indeed.
It's pretty damn sad when scores of Muslims, in this case in Egypt, are ahead of the guy currently occupying the Oval Office. But it is surely the case here. As a college instructor of American history for decades, I can, without hesitation, assert that Obama is more clueless about how the world really works than any other President in all of American history. Quite a legacy BO is constructing. Oh yeah.

I would argue, mortimer, that Obama is even more clueless than Carter. Easily so in fact.
For example, at least Carter didn't co-sponsor a resolution in the UN to have criticism of religion criminalized as Obama has done. As another example, Carter on several occasions referred to America as the greatest country in the world, which indeed it is, not first and foremost from a patriotic perspective but rather from an historical one---never in all of history has a superpower, even Britain in its heyday, acted so nobly and effectively to win battles and wars for the right side and to afterwards aid the downtrodden (e.g., the Marshall Plan) so altruistically (those cynical about the Marshall Plan as some covert attempt by America to insure continued markets need only read Dean Achenson's fascinatng account of his time in the Truman Administration, "Present At The Creation," or the work by Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas, "The Wise Men," to realize the stupidity of this charge).
Obama, by contrast, has gone out of his way to note that America is only exceptional to the extent that so many other polities are. Good God, the silly man is actually embarrassed by American power, a mistake many times over. As bad as Carter was, and he was awful, Obama has managed in his own inimitable way to supersede him.

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